Minnie Pearl Once Told Hank Jr. A Funny Story About His Dad, Hank Williams

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Hank Jr. Relays A Funny Story Minnie Pearl Told Him About His Dad

Hank Williams Jr. learned a funny story about his dad, Hank Williams, through the one and only Minnie Pearl. Hank shared that story during an interview years later, making it clear how much it stuck out to him.

Hank Williams was an absolute legend in the country music world, no doubt about it. Though he left us too soon at the young age of 29, his music has lived on and has inspired generations of musicians.

Yet, despite his fame, Hank the man remains somewhat of a mystery. That’s where his son, Hank Williams Jr., comes in.

Minnie Pearl told Hank Jr. a funny story about his dad, Hank Williams, pictured here
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Hank Jr. Tells Kix Brooks The Story About His Dad

Hank Jr. once shared a hilarious story that offers a glimpse into the more personal side of his father. He told this tale during an interview with Kix Brooks in 2015.

As it turns out, Hank Sr. had a great love for two things: music and hunting. Hank Jr. happens to share both of his father’s passions.

But the most surprising part of the story? According to Hee Haw star Minnie Pearl, Hank Sr. wasn’t much of a talker when it came to music.

"Hee Haw" star Minnie Pearl, pictured here, told Hank Jr. a funny story about his dad Hank Williams
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Ages ago, she told Hank Jr. his dad would go on and on about his hunting trips and his beloved squirrel dog! But when it came to music, he didn’t have much interest in talking about it.

Goes to show that even celebrities can have unexpected quirks and interests! And for Hank Jr., it’s a reminder that although his dad passed away when he was young, they still share a connection through their shared hobbies.

If you’re a fan of Hank Sr. and Hank Jr.’s songs (who isn’t?), this interview is something you must see. Not only is it entertaining, but it also provides a rare look into what Hank Sr. was like as a person.