1989: Hank Williams Jr. Sings “There’s A Tear In My Beer” Duet With His Late Father

Photo of Hank Jr. and Hank Sr.

Curb Records / YouTube

In the world of country music, certain moments become etched in history not just for sounding good, but for the emotions they evoke. One of these moments was the digital duet between Hank Williams Jr. and his late father, Hank Williams Sr., on the song “There’s A Tear In My Beer.”

The story behind “There’s a Tear In My Beer” is as intriguing as the duet itself.

Originally written and recorded by the legendary Hank Williams Sr. in 1951, the song was shelved shortly before its planned release due to his publisher and producer being worried about the song mentioning alcohol. However, it’s like it was meant to happen because fast forward almost 40 years later when Hank Williams Jr. decided to release the song in a way that would honor his father, it was a hit.

The “There’s A Tear In My Beer” Music Video

The music video for the song is where the magic really unfolds for fans. It starts off with Hank Jr. performing solo, however, as the first chorus gets going, an unexpected thing happens. A very familiar voice comes out from behind a door leading to another room where Hank Jr. is at. It’s the voice of his father, Hank Sr.!

On the door, there’s a blurred-out glass window and Hank Jr. sees the shadow of his dad, Hank Sr. singing the song. As Hank Jr. opens the door, he finds the sound is actually coming from a vintage video on a television screen. In that instant, things start to get very magical.

Like magic, Hank Jr. steps through the door merging into the scene on the screen. It’s as if he’s transported back in time when his father was singing the song with a band on stage. This is when Hank Jr. smiles and starts playing his guitar and singing along with his dad.

Photo of Hank Jr. and Hank Sr.
Curb Records / YouTube

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The impact of this digital duet was felt far beyond just the fans. Industry recognition poured in, with the Country Music Association and the Academy of Country Music both honoring the song with the Video of the Year award. The recognition also didn’t stop there. The collaboration snatched a Grammy Award for Best Country Vocal Collaboration in 1990 as well. Billboard charts also saw the song’s success, as it reached an impressive No. seven on the Hot Country Songs chart.

Overall, Hank Williams Jr.’s rendition of “There’s A Tear In My Beer” was a great way for him to honor his father and give the fans something they loved watching.

Official “There’s a Tear In My Beer” Music Video Below