Michael Strahan’s Daughter Celebrates Major Milestone In Her Cancer Journey

Instagram/Isabella Strahan

Michael Strahan recently announced a significant update on his 19-year-old daughter Isabella’s battle with brain cancer.

On Sunday, June 16, Michael Strahan, co-host of Good Morning America, took to Instagram to share an incredible moment in his daughter Isabella’s journey through cancer treatment. The video shows Isabella entering a hospital with a crown on her head as she approaches a bell mounted on the wall and rings it, officially marking the end of her chemotherapy.

The former NFL player accompanied the video with the caption, “Ringing that bell finishing chemo and on your way! You continue to fight with a smile on your face, strength, and determination. I am one proud Dad! Love you, Bella.”


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Isabella also took to her own Instagram to mark the occasion, sharing a series of photos documenting her journey over the past eight months of battling cancer.


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“After the wildest 8 months, I finally got to ring the bell. Grateful for my journey,” she captioned the post.

Earlier this year, on January 11, Michael and Isabella revealed on Good Morning America that she had been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor known as Medulloblastoma. Initially dismissing symptoms like headaches and nausea, her condition worsened, leading to emergency surgery in late October. According to the Mayo Clinic, Medulloblastoma is a common and aggressive brain tumor that primarily affects children and develops in the cerebellum, located at the base of the skull. Following her diagnosis, Isabella underwent emergency surgery and began chemotherapy in February.

Throughout her treatment, Isabella has been documenting her journey through vlogs on her YouTube channel, offering a personal and inspiring glimpse into her battle and recovery. She has shared each progress and setback she’s encountered over the past few months, including a celebratory vlog marking the completion of her chemotherapy.

Watch Isabella’s vlog celebrating the end of her chemotherapy below.