Michael Strahan’s Daughter Isabella Shares Scary Setback In Brain Cancer Battle

YouTube/Isabella Strahan

Isabella Strahan, the 19-year-old daughter of former NFL star Michael Strahan, has recently shared details about a setback in her ongoing battle against brain cancer.

In a vlog on her YouTube channel, Isabella discussed her second brain surgery, which followed the removal of a malignant brain tumor, discovered in October.

Isabella Updates Her Followers

Following her first round of chemotherapy, Isabella’s recovery took a concerning turn when she experienced a fever spike, leading to her return to the hospital for another craniotomy. In her video, she shared her nervousness about the procedure, emphasizing that it wasn’t as deep into her brain as the previous surgery but still raised concerns about the recovery process.

“I’m actually very nervous, she admits. “I’m more nervous for this one because it’s not like my brain that they’re messing with, it’s not as deep…but I’m curious as to what recovery would look like. I’m not excited… at all. I’m actually kind of nervous.”

Post-surgery, Isabella shared her experience of pain and discomfort, noting that the medical team cleaned out her scar for infection and replaced the bone that had been removed from her skull during the initial surgery. Despite the challenges, she expressed hope that this surgery would address the fevers that had led to her hospitalization.

“Hopefully this is what was causing all my fevers and why I’ve been in the hospital for a week. So hopefully I will get to go home soon after I heal from this.”

Isabella has been consistently updating her audience about her health journey through her YouTube channel, offering a candid look into her experiences.

This transparency began with the revelation of her brain cancer diagnosis, which Isabella and her father, Michael Strahan, revealed on Good Morning America earlier this year. Initially dismissing symptoms like headaches and nausea, Isabella’s condition escalated, leading to emergency surgery in late October.

Watch Isabella’s latest vlog below.