Marie Osmond Shares Rare Pic With Husband To Celebrate Anniversary

Marie Osmond/Instagram

Marie Osmond and husband Steve Craig recently celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary.

In 2011, Marie Osmond remarried Steve Craig, roughly 25 years after they split in 1985. They had been married for three years at the time of their split and shared one child, Stephen, born in 1983.

Osmond was married to Brian Blosil for twenty years before divorcing in 2007. She reconnected with first husband Craig shortly after. They remarried in a small ceremony, with Marie wearing the same dress she wore when they first wed in 1982.


In a social media post made May 4, Osmond shared a tribute to Craig and the reason behind their decision to remarry on that date.

“We chose May 4th, (my son Michael and my Mom’s birthday) to symbolically have them with us in spirit when we remarried.🤍 Happy 12 Anniversary to the love of my life!” Marie captioned a photo.


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Marie, 63, opened up about reconnecting with Steve Craig in a 2019 interview with PEOPLE. She told the outlet that she never wanted to be married again after her painful divorce from Blosil. So, she was caught off guard when their son brought them together prior to his own wedding.


“Stephen was getting married and we [realized] we can’t go to our son’s wedding and not be married,” she said. “So we got married a few months before he did. He joked that he never thought it would happen, but it did!”

“The thing about a second marriage is that you realize things you thought were so important, aren’t,” Osmond said. “I love being with my husband. He is the sweetest man I know. He lives to serve and really listens to people’s needs.”