Luke Combs Shares Preview Of New Sentimental Song “Remember Him That Way”

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Known for his heartfelt lyrics and soul-stirring melodies, Luke Combs once again leaves his audience eagerly anticipating what promises to be another emotional journey through his music.

On Sunday (March 17), Combs gave fans a sneak peek on social media into an unreleased track, titled “Remember Him That Way.”

His caption read, “Still sounding good?”

The song appears to center around a father and the enduring image his son holds of him from his childhood—a resilient, seemingly invincible figure who is now aging. Despite the changes, his son holds onto the image of his father as the tough, enduring man he remembers.

Check out the lyrics for the first verse and chorus below.

“There’s an old man in a Lazy Boy /
TV on a western, fast asleep /
Grey in his hair, at least what’s left /
But the heart of a lion beatin’ in his chest.

And there’s a little more slow in his go /
Little less rock in his roll these days.

But I remember him ten feet tall and bulletproof /
Throwin’ me a ball in cowboy boots /
A whistle and the dog started runnin’ /
A whisper and Mama starts blushin’ /
A wrench in his hand and a beer in the other /
God couldn’t make a man any tougher /
And that ‘S’ on his chest is startin’ to fade /
But I’ll always remember him that way.”

Combs’ wife, Nicole, added a playful comment under his post, joking, “Oh so we’re starting off St Patrick’s day in our feels,” alongside a sad face emoji.

Fans flooded the comment section with excitement and anticipation for the new song, eagerly expressing their enthusiasm for what promises to be another memorable addition to Luke Combs’ repertoire.

“Every song that you sing is my favorite!!!”
“Wasn’t ready to cry, but here I am.”
“Ima need this asap.”
“Preview already got me crying.”
“Can’t wait for this to release ugh!”
“Need this one now.”

Check out the preview of “Remember Him That Way” below.


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Combs continues to navigate the complexities of family life as a father and husband raising two sons under the age of two, Tex and Beau, with his wife Nicole. Despite the demands of parenthood, he manages to carve out time to continue crafting new music.

Luke Combs and his family.
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Combs has made a habit of sharing previews of unreleased songs on his social media platforms, inviting fans into the creative process and fostering a close connection with his audience.

It’s a practice that not only builds anticipation but also allows fans to feel intimately involved in the journey of his music-making.

In January, Combs treated his fans to sneak peeks of two new songs related to fatherhood, offering a glimpse into his personal life.

“Plant A Seed”

The first unreleased song that Combs recently shared, titled “Plant A Seed,” offers a reflection on the swift passage of time, a sentiment particularly resonant for Combs as he witnesses the rapid growth of his two young sons.

The ballad’s lyrics suggest the sharing of wisdom from an older individual to a younger one, urging them to cherish each moment as time slips away swiftly.

“Remember, it’s about the journey /
Don’t fill your days with worry /
Sure, them youngins drive you crazy, but you’ll miss them when they’re grown.

Oh, time ain’t always your friend /
It starts slow and gets faster towards the end /
So fill up your heart with love /
And pass it on before you go /
Thank the man upstairs that you were there to plant a seed and watch it grow.”


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“The Man He Sees In Me”

Just a few weeks later, Combs shared another unreleased song titled “The Man He Sees In Me.”

Part of the caption on his post read:

“Y’all said you like dad songs, so I got a whole bunch of them lined up.”

“I hope he never finds out that I didn’t hang the moon /
And I’ve never scared a monster out the closet in his room /
Someday between him leaving home and driving on my knee /
Maybe I’ll finally be, the man he sees in me.”


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“Sorry for all the dad songs, but that’s where I’m at these days, and I couldn’t be happier about it.”

We’re thrilled to see Combs dedicating some of his free time to what he loves, sharing previews of the masterpieces he’s crafting with his fans. Here’s hoping we get to hear more soon!