Luke Bryan Says Teaching His Son To Drive Is A “Nightmare”

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Luke Bryan, the country sensation known for his chart-topping hits and undeniable charm, has recently opened up about a new challenge he’s facing: Teaching his 15-year-old son, Bo, how to drive.

In a recent appearance on Audacy’s Katie & Company, Bryan didn’t hold back as he delved into the “nightmare” of his son’s learner’s permit phase. According to the candid singer, Bo’s driving skills leave much to be desired. “He is not a very good driver right now,” Bryan confessed. “So we’re having to work with him pretty hard.”

But, what seems to be frustrating the young aspiring driver the most is his misplaced confidence. “He thinks because he can operate a 4-wheeler or Polaris that he is quite proficient, but he is not, I assure you.”

Bryan maybe telling the honest truth or he may be doing what he often does….joking about his son’s skills. One thing that’s a fact though is his fishing skills are certainly improving.

Bo Bryan’s Other Amazing Skills

Dallas Davidson was apparently fishing with Bo when the young angler snagged onto and reeled in his first 10-pound bass. Davidson took a picture of Bo holding up the catch with his dad as they both smiled from ear to ear.

Aside from the driving lessons, Bryan has expressed his excitement about this stage of his sons’ lives.

“As they grow older, it’s easier to let them tag along,” he said in July 2021, according to Yahoo. “They become little men and they become functional little microcosms of me. Their personalities are really different … They become your buddies. I mean, they’re still your kids, you still have to do the discipline and you still have to teach them the right and wrongs of life, but they really morph into your buddies.”

Bo Bryan is also skilled at hunting thanks to his father Luke making sure he learned.
Buck Commander / YouTube

Overall, Luke Bryan says he is relishing this “sweet spot” of fatherhood. He’s entered the golden years, where his sons are starting to grow into young men, and he’s happy with it.

So, Luke Bryan fans, as we hear about our favorite country crooner going through the universal rite of passage known as teaching your teenager how to drive, we can only imagine the hilarious and heartwarming moments that come with it.

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Watch Bo & Luke Go Turkey Hunting In The Video Below