Luke Bryan Reveals His Reaction To Son Bo’s Selection For His First Car

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The 47-year-old country star set some boundaries when his son expressed what he would want as his first car: “You’re not getting that.”

Luke Bryan provided an update on his son Bo’s driving experience, speaking on Audacy’s Katie & Company. Bryan discussed his 15-year-old’s advancements in driving, stating, “He’s finally got it going.”

He’s grown up on the farm driving side-by-sides and stuff like that,” Bryan explained. “I just assumed that it would translate to being on the highway. It did not. But, hey, we got him rockin’ and rollin’, and now we’re just trying to figure out what will be the first vehicle in his life.”

Bryan continued, “He tried to pick it out. We realized real quick, ‘You’re not getting that.’ He wants a big truck and we’re going to get him something, but won’t get him what he wants. Let’s say that.”


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Bryan shares his two sons Thomas Boyer “Bo” and Tatum “Tate” Christopher with his wife Caroline. The couple also adopted their nephew Til and two nieces Jordan and Kris.

Bryan also discussed both his sons’ love for the outdoors.

My 13-year-old, Tate, he has gone deer crazy. Like, never seen him this crazy about deer hunting. He is on it. And then my 15-year-old, he’s die-hard into it too. Tate’s having a better year than him, so that’s a little bit of a sore subject at the supper table.”

Following the host’s comment expressing confidence in Bryan’s wife, Caroline, being pleased about the situation, he clarified that she is over it more than one might expect.

She gets a little tired of it around the table at the house where it’s always about fishing lures and trail cams. I can just tell she’s over it.”

Luke Bryan, his wife Caroline, and his two sons, Bo and Tate.
Caroline Bryan / Instagram

I’ve done a pretty good job at brainwashing my children into being outdoorsmen.”

Luke Bryan and his son Bo fishing.
Luke Bryan / Instagram
Luke Bryan and his son Tate hunting.
Luke Bryan / Instagram

Bryan first talked about his teen’s attempts at driving on another episode of Audacy’s Katie & Company this summer.

He’s 15, so he’s doing the whole learner’s permit nightmare,” Bryan shared. “He is not a very good driver right now, so we’re having to work with him pretty hard.”

He’s very frustrated right now because he thinks he knows how to drive, but he has no idea what he’s doing,” the singer added. 

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We are wishing Bo the best of luck as he continues on his driving journey!