Lainey Wilson, Once A Hannah Montana Impersonator, Hopes To Collab With Miley Cyrus

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Country superstar Lainey Wilson is currently riding a “whirlwind” of excitement, and a dream collaboration with Miley Cyrus would be the cherry on top!

Lainey Wilson is all set to drop her fifth studio album, Whirlwind, next month on August 23! Fans have already got the chance to hear three singles from the new project: “Country’s Cool Again,” “Hang Tight Honey,” and “4x4xU,” which she just recently released on July 4.

As part of her promotional tour, this bell-bottom-wearing Grand Ole Opry member has been opening up in interviews and press features about her roots, musical journey, and, of course, her highly anticipated new record.

From Louisiana Roots To Stardom

In a recent feature with FLAUNT Magazine, Lainey shared her story of growing up in Louisiana and her journey to becoming a music sensation. She talked about her experiences within the country music world, the influences behind her upcoming album, and much more.

But the real showstopper? Lainey’s dream collaboration! She revealed that she’s eager to team up with none other than Miley Cyrus. And here’s a fun twist: Lainey used to impersonate Hannah Montana, Miley’s iconic character! Talk about a full-circle moment.


Told y’all.. every now and then, they’d let me open for hannahmontana! 😂 #music #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

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A Dream Collab On The Horizon?

Lainey expressed her excitement about the potential collaboration, saying:

“I would love to do something with Miley Cyrus. [Since] I used to impersonate Hannah Montana, it would only make sense we had the best of both worlds.”

The reference to Hannah Montana’s famous line is a fun nod to her past. Although Lainey’s music is deeply rooted in country, she incorporates rock influences into her sound, much like Miley. This blend of styles could make for an absolute show-stopping partnership. We would love to see it!

And who knows? It may just happen. Given that the first song Lainey learned to play on guitar was Billy Ray Cyrus’s 1992 hit “Achy Breaky Heart,” it feels like fate might just be on her side.

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A Superstar Pairing In The Making

A collaboration between Lainey and Miley would be a match made in musical heaven. It would not only be a monumental moment for Lainey but also a treat for fans who have followed both artists’ journeys.

In a previous interview with Billboard in 2022, Lainey reminisced about her days as a Hannah Montana impersonator:

“I learned all fifteen Hannah Montana karaoke tracks. I would do birthday parties, fairs, festivals, St. Jude…you name it. Lainey Wilson would open up the show for Hannah Montana.”

She humorously added:

“So yeah, I finally hung the wig up…but it made me some money, though I ain’t even going to lie. I did it for five years.”

Stay Tuned!

With Whirlwind on the horizon and the possibility of a Miley Cyrus collaboration, Lainey Wilson is definitely a name to watch. Fans of both artists are in for an exciting ride. So stay tuned for what could be the “best of both worlds!”

Watch the official music video for Lainey Wilson’s most recent single, “4x4xU,” from her upcoming album below! And don’t forget to pre-order Whirlwind!