Lainey Wilson’s Surprising Family Connection to A Major Country Star

Michael Buckner / Contributor / Getty Images

Lainey Wilson’s small-town roots connected her to the country music industry before she ever released her first song.

Lainey Wilson is quickly solidifying herself as a country music icon. Hailing from a town of just 200 people, the 32-year-old has now found herself performing on some of the nation’s largest stages and taking home some of the industry’s most coveted awards.

She recently opened her own bar in Downtown Nashville and now, she is set to become the next official member of the Grand Ole Opry.

Coincidentally, Wilson’s Louisianna roots created an unexpected connection to a major country music artist long before she ever became a performer herself.

Lainey Wilson with two of her trophies from the 2023 CMA Awards
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During a recent conversation with Garth Brooks for Tailgate Radio, Wilson revealed that her family member used to babysit country legend Tim McGraw.

Wilson sat down with the “Friends In Low Places” singer to talk about the musicians who inspired her and what it has been like meeting her heroes. While discussing the artists that provided the soundtrack to her childhood, she shared:

“Tim [McGraw] grew up right down the road from me. My step-grandmother used to actually babysit him.” 

McGraw’s hometown of Start, Louisianna is just a 20-minute drive from Baskin, where Wilson calls home. Despite the family connection, Wilson revealed that she has never actually met Tim McGraw.

Later in the conversation, Wilson gushed about her love for Dolly Parton and how she has been an inpiration for her own music career.

“She’s one of the people that I go to that I’m like man, how has she — she’s done it all. She’s kept songwriting the main focus, but she has not been scared to step outside the box and try new things.”

Check out the conversation between Lainey Wilson and Garth Brooks below!