Lainey Wilson Explains Why She Didn’t Kiss Her Boyfriend On TV At The ACM Awards

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Lainey Wilson Goes Public With Boyfriend Devlin “Duck” Hodges

Lainey Wilson made her public debut with her boyfriend, Devlin “Duck” Hodges at the ACM Awards in May. It was their first time ever attending an awards show or walking a red carpet together.

Since this was fans’ first time seeing Wilson and Hodges together in public, many assumed their relationship was fairly new. That assumption was bolstered by the fact that they kept the PDA fairly minimal.



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Lainey Wilson Explains The Lack Of PDA At The ACM Awards

It’s fairly typical for winning artists to quickly kiss their significant others before making their way onstage to accept a trophy. But Wilson and Hodges did not follow suit.

During a recent interview with Taste of Country Nights, Wilson explained why she and Hodges did not share a smooch on live TV. As she explained, it was partly about keeping her personal life personal, and partly due to awkwardness.

Wilson said she and Hodges actually joked about shaking hands if she won an award (she ended up winning four, three during the ceremony itself). “We talked about doing a handshake,” Wilson said with a laugh. “Maybe next time we will.

But in the moment, Wilson didn’t know if she should do the handshake or something else. They did hug, but it wasn’t over-the-top romantic.

Does it look awkward?” Wilson questioned. “It was one of those things where I was like, ‘I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do with my hands. I don’t know what to do with my face. Are we doing the handshake? Are we not?‘”

How Long Have Lainey Wilson & Devlin Hodges Been Dating?

Wilson’s desire to keep her personal life under wraps meant she kept her relationship with Hodges a secret too. As it turns out, the two of them have been dating for over two years!

She told Bobby Bones, “He’s been around for a while. I just decided to make him wait for two and a half years,” 

Wilson elaborated when she spoke with Taste of Country Nights. She said she and Hodges first thought about going public a year ago, but held off.

I’ll be honest, as a female in country music, there’s definitely times where you need folks to know you’re here to show up and work and get down to business,” she said. “I wanted to make sure it was about my music.”

Hear Wilson talk more about her and Hodges’ relationship, her music, and the ACM Awards by watching her interview with Bones below.