Kane Brown Stops Show To FaceTime Wife During “Thank God”

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Kane Brown Stopped His Show – In The Middle Of A Song – To FaceTime His Wife, Katelyn.

Kane Brown was performing at the Washington State Fair in Pallayup on September 1st, when his show took an unexpected turn. While he was performing his hit song “Thank God,” he stopped to FaceTime his wife, Katelyn, who was at home with their children.

Who is Kane Brown’s Wife?

Katelyn Brown married Kane Brown on October 12, 2018, and their wedding served as the music video for Kane’s song “Good As You.”

Kane first announced he was dating Katelyn in January 2017, and announced their engagement three months later. They met doing radio promo in 2016 when she was pursuing a career as a pop/R&B singer.

Katelyn Joins Kane For “Thank God” Duet

Although she gave up her solo career – and ended up graduating from Berklee College of Music as a pregnant newlywed – she was still singing with Kane out of the spotlight. Kane has always expressed interest in wanting to sing a duet with his wife, but he was waiting for the right song. That song finally came around in the form of “Thank God.”

“Thank God” hit number one on Billboard‘s Hot Country Songs chart and is Certified Platinum. They performed it live for the first time together at the 2023 CMT Music Awards, where they also took home the night’s biggest award, Video of the Year.

Kane Takes Katelyn On Tour

For select dates, Kane brings his family on tour with him.

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That includes their three-year-old daughter Kingsley and their one-year-old daughter Kodi.

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Kane Sings “Thank God” Without Katelyn

Because Katelyn can’t be at every single tour stop, Kane has to get creative with who sings her part of the song. At his Washington State Fair stop, she wasn’t able to be at the show, so he decided to FaceTime her to show her that the audience was singing her part.

Watch Kane FaceTime Katelyn So The Audience Can Sing “Thank God” To Her