Step Inside Kane & Katelyn Brown’s Customized Tour Bus For Their Family

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Kane Brown & His Wife, Katelyn, Showcase Their Completely Customized Tour Bus

Kane Brown and his wife, Katelyn, usually travel together whenever Kane is on tour. The couple’s two daughters, Kingsley and Kodi, often come along for the ride.

Katelyn shared some super cute snapshots on Instagram of her family’s first days on the road in 2023.


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As you’d imagine, living on a tour bus with two young kids is not the most ideal situation. But Kane and Katelyn had their tour bus customized to make it the perfect home for their little family during their travels.

Katelyn posted a video tour of the bus on Instagram. She said Kane gave her the freedom to pick the design, so she opted for a calm, cool vibe that’s similar to their home. That way it’s easier for their family to transition from bus to house and back again.

The bus is accented with touches of cedar wood throughout.

Kane Brown and his wife Katelyn tour their bus
katelynbrown / Instagram

Katelyn wanted to optimize space on the bus. It doesn’t have a large kitchen or dining area, since the Browns usually eat catering at the venues. They don’t often eat full meals when they’re on the bus.

How The Browns Make Their Bus Feel Like A Home Away From Home

By shrinking the size of the kitchen counter, Katelyn made room for a large farmhouse style sink. This is ideal for her, since Kodi still takes her baths in the sink.

They do have a small table to eat at, just in case, but no full dining set. This made space for a giant, kid-friendly coach that Kingsley loves to sit on to watch TV.

Katelyn pointed out the special baby bunk they had designed for Kodi at the center of the bus. The bunk is much like a crib, and has a zippered mesh panel that closes so Kodi won’t roll out.

Kane Brown and his wife Katelyn tour their bus
katelynbrown / Instagram


Kingsley’s bunk is across from her sister’s. Katelyn says she loves her bunk, and calls it her “fort.”

They only have two other bunks on the bus, since they aren’t often traveling with a lot of people. This allowed for more storage room, including a large closet that stores their suitcases and the girls’ toys.

Watch Kane & Katelyn Brown Tour Their Bus In The Video Below

The bus also has two bathrooms…one for the girls and guests, and one in Kane and Katelyn’s bedroom. Family photos line the small “hallway” the leads to their bedroom around the corner of a privacy wall.

Kane and Katelyn’s bed is high off the ground to make room for two custom dog crates that are big enough for their German Shepherds. Since Katelyn is short, she had some stairs designed to help her climb up into bed a bit easier.

Katelyn showed off the additional storage she and Kane have in their room, including vanity drawers and another closet where they keep their tour clothes.

Overall, Kane and Katelyn’s bus looks like one fancy place for their family to spend time on the road! Step inside and check out Katelyn’s full bus tour in the video below.

The couple is preparing to welcome a baby boy later in 2024. We wonder if he’ll eventually join them on their customized bus?