Jason Aldean & Wife Spoof Presidential Debate For Halloween

Brittany Aldean/Instagram

From Kenny & Dolly to Tiger King, Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany, never fail to disappoint with their Halloween costume offerings. This year was no different.

In a hilarious video posted to social media, Jason and Brittany Aldean are seen dressed as former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, respectively. Just like years passed, the Aldean’s went above and beyond by re-enacting a scene while dressed as the politicians.


The setting this time around was a 2024 presidential debate moderated by Jason’s brother-in-law and fellow country singer, Chuck Wicks, as “Fesler Holt.”

Chuck Wicks as presidential debate moderator.

Brittany, dressed as Biden, makes her way to the podium first, looking confused and disoriented. Jason, donning a Trump-esqu wig and wearing handcuffs, dances onto the stage to as the Village People’s “Y.M.C.A.” plays.

Holt (Wicks) directs the first question to Trump asking his thoughts on illegal aliens crossing American borders, as Biden looks into space as if looking for aliens. Trump responds, “You idiot. What is it with this guy? You put him in office. You put him in office. Apparently. Allegedly.”

Trump, aka Jason, goes on to say that he tried to build a wall, but Biden didn’t want a wall and “brought in drugs, crime and some really bad dudes.”

“Corn Pop was a bad dude,” Biden responds as Jason asks who Corn Pop is. The banter continues with moments of Biden falling asleep at the podium and being fed a chocolate ice cream cone.

Brittany Aldean dressed as President Joe Biden

The debate concludes with Wicks asking Biden (Brittany) about our national debt. Biden responds, “Look, Jack. Not a joke. Our policy is one word. ‘Make it rain in Ukraine.'”

Biden then pulls out a money shooter and sprays cash onto the stage, as Trump grabs the money and stuffs it in his suit coat.

At the end of the reel, after the “debate” is over, Biden leans toward Trump and sniffs his suit, to which Trump responds, “What you smellin’, Joe? Smells like an a** whippin’ in 2024. You’ve been in there almost three years and you haven’t learned a thing. Nothin’. Nothin’.”