Iowa Family Turns Crop Spraying Drone Into Mega-Viral Summer Lake Toy

Farmer using crop dusting drop for lake fun.

@rcmeyer04 / TikTok

An Iowa family has turned a farming machine into an absolute blast of a summer lake toy, capturing the attention of social media users. A TikTok video recently surfaced, showcasing this genius use of technology used to carry a man into a lake.

Rachel who posted the video on TikTok said, “Meanwhile in Iowa!”

In the viral clip, a crop-spraying drone takes center stage. The drone, used for its agricultural utility, has been transformed into a water sport accessory. The spectacle involves a daring individual grabbing onto the drone and being lifted before being skillfully maneuvered above a lake.

The man was carried out into a dropping zone before executing a perfect plunge into the water like only a high-tech redneck would.

@rcmeyer04 / TikTok

High-Tech Redneck Ingenuity

The high-tech redneck way to do this before was to slingshot launch a gentleman into a pond from an excavator, and that was even considered summer fun that raised the bar for adrenaline-infused aquatic adventures. However, these days, the drone, with its large size and easy-to-maneuver features, is next up in line for redneck ingenuity.

The drone is typically employed for crop-spraying purposes, with larger propellers and equipped with a tank designed to contain pesticides or other agricultural substances. In the viral video, however, the tank appears to have been removed, allowing the drone to take on more weight and take on its new role as a human-carrying thrill provider.

The impressive power of its propellers can be seen in the ripples they create on the water’s surface as it hovers the individual over the lake.

Farmer using crop dusting drop for lake fun.
@rcmeyer04 / TikTok

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Although the ride seems remarkably smooth and fan, one can’t help but consider the financial implications of this daring escapade. With crop-spraying drones commanding price tags ranging from $25,000 to $30,000, the risk of potential damage or malfunction certainly raises a few eyebrows. Nevertheless, the farmer’s pursuit of enjoyment has earned them a well-deserved spot in the limelight.

While the practicality and safety of this unconventional use of a crop-spraying drone may be subject to debate, there’s no denying the attention-grabbing of witnessing a man soar through the air propelled by this drone.

Watch Footage Of Man Using Crop-Dusting Drop For Summer Lake Below