Firefighters Detail Dramatic Bridge Rescue on Kelly Clarkson Show

YouTube/The Kelly Clarkson Show

In a recent episode of the Kelly Clarkson Show, three members of the Louisville Division of Fire were featured, sharing details on a dramatic rescue operation earlier in the month.

Louisville Firefighters Share Their Story On The Kelly Clarkson Show

The firefighters of the Louisville Division of Fire found themselves in a heart-stopping situation earlier this month when they responded to a dangerous rescue call. On March 1, a semi-truck was left hanging over the Ohio River on the George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge, with the driver trapped inside after an accident sent the truck plowing through the bridge’s barriers.

Sgt. Joe Berrow, Cpt. Michael Renn, and rescue firefighter Bryce Carden were among those who bravely embarked on the mission to save the life of the driver.

Reflecting on the intense ordeal, the firefighters shared chilling details of the operation during an appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show segment “Rad Humans.

They recounted their arrival at the scene and the urgency of the situation as they worked tirelessly to extract the trapped driver from the risky position.

During the rescue, Carden, who was responsible for saving the passenger from the truck, revealed a personal connection to the moment, recalling how he asked the woman to pray with him as they were being pulled to safety. He explained that the request held particular significance for him, as it reminded him of a similar moment from his past. Over a decade ago, Carden was involved in a car accident where his friend, who later died due to injuries, had encouraged him to pray out loud as they waited for help.

Their story about the daring rescue shows how brave and quick-thinking the firefighters were in this unfortunate moment. They worked together and successfully saved the trapped person from danger, proving how determined and resilient emergency responders can be when faced with tough situations.

Watch the heroic firefighters tell their story on the Kelly Clarkson Show below.