‘The Blind’ Movie Inspires Young People To Get Baptized

The Blind, Official Phil Robertson / Facebook

New Movie The Blind Makes an Impactful Debut 

The Blind was released in select theaters on September 28th and the response has been powerful, with the film landing in the Box Office Top 5 it’s opening weekend. The film tells the story of Duck Dynasty family patriarch, Phil Robertson, and his wife Miss Kay. 

The biggest surprise this weekend is The Blind, which will land in fifth place… it’s an impressive number, and a reminder that the audience for these films is a large one.” via The Numbers

The Robertson’s Hold Nothing Back

In an interview last month, the couple shared that they did not hide anything in The Blind. While many people may want to hide the negative and shameful aspects of their past, the Robertsons put theirs on full display. 

This movie shows me at my worst moments. It wasn’t easy for me to watch, especially at first,” Robertson told Movieguide. “But, The Blind is also a movie about love and hope. If a scoundrel like me can be redeemed, then believe me, so can you. There’s nothing you’ve done that’s beyond God’s grace.

During his young adult years and early years of marriage, Robertson grappled with challenges including substance abuse and infidelity, but ultimately found redemption in his faith and radically transformed his life.

Phil Robertson “The Duck Commander” / Facebook

New Movie The Blind Strikes a Chord with Young People and Leads Them to Get Baptized 

Perhaps the most inspiring response was that of a group of young people who made the decision to be publicly baptized after seeing the film. Phil Robertson shared a post on Instagram showing images and videos from the powerful display of faith. 

“If anything brings me to tears, this is it. I’ve baptized a lot of people in the name of Jesus. But in 50 years, the one thing I’ve never seen is young people getting baptized right after seeing a movie.” Phil Robertson via Instagram


For more details about The Blind as well as tickets and theater information, visit theblindmovie.com

Watch the official trailer for The Blind below.