Carrie Underwood Shows Off Fiery Drum Solo In “SNF” Opener

Carrie Underwood in the 2023 theme for Sunday Night Football

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Carrie Underwood Brings “A Surprise New Element” To Her 11th Opener For Sunday Night Football

Carrie Underwood is back for another year of Sunday Night Football…her 11th year, actually!

The SNF theme has changed a few times since Underwood started singing it. But more often than not, she performs the classic theme “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night.” That’s the theme she performed this year.

NBC shared Underwood’s plans to bring “a surprise new element” to the theme in 2023. Fans were curious to learn what that surprise element would be.

Carrie Underwood in promotional photo for Sunday Night Football
Danny Ventrella / NBC Sports


Finally, everyone got the chance to see Underwood’s surprise when the new SNF theme debuted on Sunday (September 10). The new opener played ahead of the matchup between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys.

So What Was Carrie Underwood’s Surprise In The SNF Theme This Year?

The surprise element Underwood promised to deliver was a fiery drum solo! Midway through her 2023 theme, Underwood tosses her microphone, makes her way to a drum kit, and starts rocking out.

This isn’t her first time playing the drums either. Underwood incorporated a drum solo into her set on her Denim & Rhinestone’s Tour throughout 2022 and early 2023.

She would play the drum kit while performing one of her new songs, “Poor Everybody Else.”

Watch Carrie Play The Drums In Her New SNF Theme

Underwood’s drum solo in her 2023 SNF opener is just one of may epic moments. She also enters the video on a platform that lowers from the ceiling. To top it off, Underwood showcases her famously toned legs in a jumpsuit with a unique design.

The theme also features highlights of the teams playing that night. Those clips are mixed with footage from Underwood’s performance.

Check out Underwood’s SNF opener for 2023 below. Her drum solo adds a little something extra to the theme this year!