Carly Pearce’s Dog Has Hilarious Reaction To Her Singing

Carly Pearce shared a video to Instagram showing her cradling and serenading her dog, which gained a hilarious reaction from her furry friend.

Carly Pearce has truly taken the country music scene by storm, captivating audiences with her powerful voice, heartfelt lyrics, and authentic storytelling. Alongside her rising star status, Carly’s love for her two loyal companions, Johnny and June, has become an endearing and inseparable part of her story.

Carly Pearce / Instagram

The Early Days

Carly Pearce’s journey to country music stardom began with her unwavering passion for music. Raised in a family with deep Kentucky roots, she found inspiration in the classic country sounds of artists like Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn. She began singing at an early age and dreamt of making it big in the country music industry. After moving to Nashville at the age of 19, the singer eventually made her mark, releasing her debut single “Blame the Whiskey” in 2012.

Since then, Carly Pearce has continued to build a successful music career. She has released albums like “Every Little Thing” and “29,” earning critical acclaim and numerous awards and nominations, including a CMA Award for Female Artist of the Year in 2022. Her music is a blend of traditional and contemporary country, staying true to her roots while appealing to a wide range of listeners.


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Her Love for Johnny and June

Amidst her busy life in the spotlight, Carly Pearce’s love for her two dogs, Johnny and June, has remained an integral part of her life. Carly often refers to them as her “furry children,” and their presence is a constant source of joy and comfort.

She frequently shares pictures and stories of Johnny and June on her social media platforms, allowing fans to witness the special bond she shares with her four-legged friends. She credits their companionship with helping her navigate the ups and downs of her music career.

The names Johnny and June are a tribute to the legendary country music couple Johnny Cash and June Carter, emphasizing Carly’s deep-rooted connection to the genre she loves. Her dogs serve as a reminder of her journey and her continued commitment to creating music that connects with her audience, much like Johnny and June did throughout their careers.

Carly Pearce / Instagram

In a sweet video Carly shared to her Instagram, you can see her singing her fur baby to sleep. Her fans absolutely loved the video, leaving comments on the post like “My favorite video that has ever existed!” and “I’ve watched this ten times in a row. Hilarious!”

Carly captioned the post, “Leave it to your fur babies to keep you humble.”

Watch Carly sing to her pup below!