Brad Paisley Shows Off His Custom-Made Tour Bus

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Brad Paisley Designs The Tour Bus Of His Dreams

Since country music artists like Brad Paisley spend a lot of time out on the road, it’s essential for them to have a comfortable and good-lookin’ tour bus.

This is something that Paisley was well-aware of when it came time for him to design his own set of wheels.

Brad Paisley custom designed his tour bus
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Paisley has always been a “car guy.” Although he’s loved automobiles for years, he wasn’t always able to buy the car of his dreams.

As he told Jay Leno an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, his first car was less than glamorous:

I actually sang and I played a lot of acoustic shows,” Paisley said. “I would get a couple hundred bucks every time. Before long, I had $3,000 dollars, and I bought my Chevy Cavalier.

The 1984 Cavalier was a far cry from Paisley’s dream car…a Corvette.

He told Leno he had wanted one since he was young. So once he hit country superstardom he was quick to snatch one up:

I guess it was in the 2000s, I bought a used ’99 C5. Great car!” he said, “To me, [it’s] the most iconic American automobile. It just really is the flagship for our country. When you come back from the war, you should be given a Corvette!

Even though Paisley had a 1999 Corvette, the 1958 model is he favorite. He loves the car so much, in fact, that he had his tour bus custom-made to resemble one.

Get All The Details About This Custom Bus

  • Price Tag: $1.74 Million
  • Year: 2012
  • Torque: 1,650 foot-pounds
  • Max. Horsepower: 515

Just as impressive as the technical specs is the appearance of Paisley’s bus. The outside is sharp and sleek, with red, white, and silver markings. But just wait until you see the interior!

The Corvette theme continues throughout the inside of the bus.

Black leather seats line the walls, and chrome details accent the cabinets and drawers. Paisley didn’t leave any detail unturned, and even went so far as to include a checkered flag pattern on the floor of the bus’ main room.

If you were a country artist and you could design your bus any way you wanted, what would it look like?

Paisley is so devoted to automobiles, he even recorded a song for a movie about them! You may have heard Rascal Flatts’ “Life is a Highway” from the Cars soundtrack, but have you ever heard the song Paisley contributed?

It’s titled “Find Yourself,” and it’s definitely worth listening to. You can do so below.