Blake Shelton Turns Gwen’s New Song Into Funny Country Tune

Blake Shelton / YouTube

Gwen Stefani Honors Husband Blake Shelton In Her New Song, “True Babe”

Gwen Stefani released a new single on Friday (June 23). Titled “True Babe,” the bubbly love song is clearly about her relationship with her husband, Blake Shelton.

The first lyrics refer to his signature deer tracks and barbed wire tattoo. As Stefani sings, “Your tattoo still looks cute to me, Cute to me.”

Another obvious reference to Shelton is when Stefani says, “And we’re from two different worlds. But you still call me your pretty girl.In case you didn’t know, “Pretty Girl” is what Shelton often calls Stefani.

Stefani fully connected “True Babe” to Shelton when she included it in a video she posted on his birthday.

Blake Shelton Shows Support For “True Babe” & Makes His Own Version

Shelton is proud of “True Babe,” and wants everyone to know it. Following the song’s release, he said:

My wife put out a new song today.. you know… THE GWEN STEFANI!!!!!!! Go listen people!!!! It’s a hit!!!!! I’m so proud of you @gwenstefani!!!

Blake Shelton helps promote his wife Gwen Stefani's song "True Babe"
Blake Shelton / Instagram

In a video he shared the next day, Shelton said he was “Playing the S— out of” his wife’s new song. He was playing it so much, he started inventing his own lyrics!


Shelton posted a short video of him transforming Stefani’s new single into a funny country tune. The video shows him working outside, presumably at home in Oklahoma. He was getting ready to chop up a fallen tree.

Singing in the style of “True Babe,” he went, “Take the truck and cut up this tree, up this tree.” That’s quite the departure from the original lyrics…and country for sure!

Shelton’s fans were amused by his new rendition of Stefani’s song. Check out his video below if you’re in need of a good laugh yourself.