Blake Shelton Names Country Artist He Wants To Replace Him On “The Voice”

The Voice / YouTube

Blake Shelton will soon coach his final season of The Voice. After being with the show from the start, Shelton plans to leave after Season 23 ends next year.

Since Shelton has always served as the “country” coach on the panel, there’s been a lot of talk about which country artist could fill his spot. Fellow coach John Legend has voiced his opinion that Carrie Underwood would make a great coach. Others have called for Keith Urban to step in, since he’s served as a coach on The Voice Australia.

Shelton has his own thoughts about his replacement. Taking to Twitter on Friday (December 2), he named the country artist he wants to see in his place on The Voice. And you may be surprised to hear who he named!

Y’all know that next spring The Voice season 23 will be my last…” Shelton wrote. “So I’d like to throw @NealMcCoy ‘s hat in the ring as my replacement! Can I get an amen?!!!!

McCoy would be a great addition to The Voice‘s lineup of coaches. He has a number of Top 10 singles to his name, including the #1 songs “Wink” and “No Doubt About It.”

On top of that, McCoy would easily be able to ask Shelton for advice if he needs it, since they’ve been friends for years. Shelton and Miranda Lambert co-produced McCoy’s 2012 album, XII. They also performed backing vocals on the album’s lead single, “A-OK.”

McCoy was honored to learn that Shelton wants him to be his replacement on The Voice. “I am Beside myself right now!!!!” he said on Facebook.

McCoy followed up a little later with a more detailed response, writing:

Before I go to sleep, lemme shout out my love for Blake Shelton. Out of all the folks he knows in and out of the Business, he Tweets out me Neal McCoy for his recommendation to replace him when he leaves his Judging chair on #TheVoice. Odds of it happening aren’t real good as I know they would probably rather have someone in that chair that is better known but I can Promise if I get to sit there I will hopefully bring at least half the Wit and Charm and honest opinions as Blake has,,,,and a whole bunch of supportive fans! All I ask is that TheVoice at least give me a chance?”

McCoy’s fans are quite excited about the idea of him being a coach on The Voice. After having such a successful career, he’d have a lot of knowledge to pass on to future contestants.

We’ll just have to wait and see if McCoy ends up taking Shelton’s place on the show!