Bindi Irwin Celebrates Steve Irwin Day With Sweet Photo


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On November 15, wildlife lovers across the globe commemorate Steve Irwin and his profound influence on both the animal kingdom and humanity.

Steve Irwin Day is observed worldwide as a tribute to the renowned “Crocodile Hunter,” whose legacy inspired countless individuals to prioritize wildlife conservation and cultivate a deeper interest in and care for animals. Keep reading to see Bindi’s picture for Steve Irwin Day!

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This special day embodies Steve Irwin‘s numerous passions, including family, enjoyment, and wildlife preservation. It serves as a global occasion to generate funds for Wildlife Warriors, supporting the ongoing conservation efforts initiated by Steve and the protection of wildlife and their natural habitats.

Steve’s daughter, Bindi Irwin, took to her Facebook page today (Nov. 15) to honor her father for Steve Irwin Day.

“To the world, he will be remembered as the greatest Wildlife Warrior. To our family, he will be remembered as our world.”

Steve’s son, Robert Irwin, also shared a sweet message for the celebratory day, saying, “He was one man who changed the world forever and continues to inspire the next generations.”


Today, November 15 is Steve Irwin Day. A day to remember our dad, the greatest Wildlife Warrior on the planet. He was one man who changed the world forever and continues to inspire the next generations.

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History of Steve Irwin Day

Steve Irwin Day commemorates the life and experiences of the cherished Australian zookeeper, Steve Irwin. Born on February 22, 1960, into a household passionate about wildlife, Irwin’s upbringing involved his wildlife expert mother and father who were dedicated to rehabilitating injured or orphaned animals, ranging from snakes to kangaroos.

In 1970, the Irwin family relocated to Queensland, where they established the Beerwah Reptile and Fauna Park, later renamed Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park. Today, this park is renowned as the Australia Zoo, the institution that established Steve Irwin Day in 2007.

While lacking a formal wildlife degree, Steve Irwin possessed a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from a life surrounded by animals. From receiving a 12-foot python at the age of six to wrestling his first crocodile under his father’s supervision at nine, Irwin’s early years resembled those of a real-life Mowgli or Tarzan.

In 1991, Irwin married a woman who shared his passion for wildlife. Footage from their crocodile-trapping honeymoon formed the first episode of the TV series that catapulted him to fame, “The Crocodile Hunter.” This show transformed Irwin into a beloved pop culture figure.

BEERWAH, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 19: Steve Irwin poses with his family at Australia Zoo June 19, 2006 in Beerwah, Australia. (Photo by Australia Zoo via Getty Images)
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Tragically, on September 4, 2006, during a diving expedition for “Ocean’s Deadliest,” a stingray struck Irwin’s heart, resulting in his untimely death. His public memorial service garnered over 300 million views worldwide.

Remembered as a dedicated conservationist, Steve Irwin focused on preserving endangered species and combatting illegal poaching and land clearing that threatened habitats.

You can join the fight to protect our wildlife by donating HERE.

See Bindi’s sweet post for Steve Irwin Day below!