21 Country Stars Who Have Lots Of Children

Thomas Rhett and his family, Loretta Lynn and her family

(Left) Lauren Akins / Instagram / (Right) Loretta Lynn / Instagram

These 21 Country Music Stars Have Lots Of Children

Many country stars’ songs celebrate the value to be found in a family and children. Just take songs such as Trace Adkins’ “Then They Do” and Willie Nelson’s “Family Bible” as examples.

Some country artists (such as Adkins and Nelson), have rather large families who inspire their sentimental songs. In fact, this list includes 21 country stars who have lots of children!

How are we defining “lots” in this context? Every artist featured in this list has at least four children! Scroll through the photos below to see who those artists are.

Josh Turner


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Josh Turner and his wife, Jennifer, share four children, all sons. Their names are Hampton, Colby, Marion, and Hawke.

All four of Josh’s kids contributed to his 2018 gospel album, “I Serve a Savior.”

Jason Aldean

Country stars with lots of children - Jason Aldean
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Jason Aldean has a total of four kids. He shares two daughters, Keeley and Kendyl, with his ex-wife Jessica.

He and his wife, Brittany, also share two children. They have a son named Memphis and a daughter named Navy. You can learn more about his blended family here.

Walker Hayes


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“Fancy Like” singer Walker Hayes and his wife Laney have seven children, three sons and four daughters. Their sons are named Chapel, Baylor, and Beckett. The couple’s daughters are named Lela, Loxley, Everly and Oakleigh.

The couple’s youngest child, Oakleigh Klover, died shortly after her birth on June 6, 2018. Walker later got a tattoo in memory of his baby girl.

Kris Kristofferson

Kris Kristofferson is a father of eight! He welcomed a daughter, Tracy, and son, Kris Jr., with his first wife, Fran Beer.

He and his second wife, singer Rita Coolidge, welcomed one child together. They had a daughter named Casey.

Kris welcomed five children with his third wife, Lisa Meyers. They had four sons, Jesse, Jody, Johnny, and Blake, and one daughter, Kelly. You can watch him sing with Kelly in the video above.

Kris and Lisa celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2023.

Trace Adkins

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Trace Adkins is a father of five…all girls! He and his first wife, Barbara Lewis, share two daughters, Tarah and Sarah.

Trace later welcomed three daughters with his third wife, Rhonda Forlaw. Their names are Mackenzie, Brianna, and Trinity. In the photo above, Trinity is on Trace’s left and Mackenzie is on his right.

Trinity famously appeared in Trace’s heartfelt music video for “Just Fishin’.” Her big sister, Brianna, also made an appearance in Trace’s music video for “Ladies Love Country Boys.”

Chris Stapleton

Chris Stapleton and his wife Morgane have five kids, four sons and a daughter. The Stapletons try to keep their children out of the spotlight, so not much is known about them.

We have seen the couple’s two eldest kids, Waylon (sometimes reported as Wayland) and Ada, more in recent years. They’ve attended a few events with their parents, and watched their dad sing the National Anthem at the 2023 Super Bowl.

Chris and Morgane welcomed twin boys in 2018, and their names are often reported to be Macon and Samuel. They had another son, whose name is not known, in 2019.

Learn more about the Stapleton family here.

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson with his family
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Willie Nelson has a total of eight children, three sons and five daughters. He welcomed his first three kids, Lana, Susie, and Willie “Billy” Hugh Jr., with his first wife, Martha Matthews. Sadly, Billy died in 1991.

Then, Willie welcomed a daughter, Paula, with Connie Koepke, who would eventually become his third wife. They later had another daughter, named Amy.

Willie and his now-wife, Annie D’Angelo, share two sons, Lukas and Micah. See them, along with their parents and half sister Amy, in the photo above.

In 2012, Willie learned his friend Mary Haney gave birth to their daughter, Rene, in 1953. Unfortunately, Rene passed away just a few years later, in 2017.

Willie worked with four of his kids on his Grammy-nominated album, The Willie Nelson Family. Released in 2021, the album was a collaborative effort between Willie, his sister Bobbie, his daughters Paula and Amy, and his sons Lukas and Micah.

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash had five children, four daughters and one son. He and his first wife, Vivian Liberto, shared the four girls: Rosanne, Kathy, Cindy, and Tara.

Vivian and Johnny divorced in 1966. He married June Carter in 1968, and they welcomed their only child together, a son named John Carter, in 1970.

In the video above, you can watch Johnny sing “Silent Night” with his four daughters and two stepdaughters, Rosie and Carlene. 

Hank Williams Jr.

Hank Jr. with two of his kids
Katherine Williams-Dunning / Facebook

Hank Williams Jr. has five children, three daughters and two sons. His eldest is a son named Shelton, who he shares with his first wife Gwen Yeargain. But you may know Shelton better by his stage name, Hank III.

Then, Hank Jr. welcomed daughters Hilary and Holly with his second wife, Becky White. He and his third wife, Mary Jane Thomas, shared a son named Sam and a daughter named Katharine.

Sadly, Katharine was killed in a car accident in 2020 at the age of 27. You can see her in the photo above with her dad and brother Sam.

Kenny Rogers


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The late Kenny Rogers had five children, four sons and one daughter. He shared his daughter, Carole Lynne, with his first wife, Janice. After he and Janice divorced, he didn’t see Carole often. She was adopted by her stepdad:

“He stepped in at a time that was really awkward for all of us and he became her Dad, and I love him for that. He was a good guy,” Kenny said in a 2012 interview with Fox News.

Later, Kenny and his third wife, Margo Anderson, welcomed a son named Kenny Rogers Jr. He welcomed another son, Christopher, with his fourth wife, Marianne Gordon.

Kenny and his fifth wife, Wanda Miller, shared twin sons, Justin and Jordan. They graduated from high school in 2023, three years after Kenny passed away.

Zac Brown

Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band shares five children with his ex-wife, Shelly. They have four daughters named Joni, Georgia, Lucy, and Justice, and a son named Alexander.

The kids keep out of the spotlight. Though they clearly inspire Zac’s music, such as the Zac Brown Band song “I’ll Be Your Man (Song for a Daughter).”

Loretta Lynn


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Loretta Lynn and her husband, Oliver “Doo” Lynn had six children together. They had two sons named Jack and Ernest. They also had four daughters named Betty Sue, Clara Mae (known as “Cissie”), and twins Peggy and Patsy.

Sadly, Loretta’s two eldest children preceded her in death (Loretta passed away in 2022). Jack died in 1984 after drowning, and Betty Sue died of complications associated with emphysema in 2013.

I was so young that we practically raised each other, but they were my life,” Loretta said of Jack and Betty Sue in 2021. “They were a handful but we had fun. I always had one on each hip. I still can’t believe they’re both gone.”

Merle Haggard

Merle Haggard and his son Ben
Ben Haggard / Facebook

Merle Haggard was married five times, but only had children with his first and fifth wives. He had a total of six kids, three sons and three daughters.

“The Hag” and his first wife Leona Hobbs had four kids together: Dana (who passed away in 2018), Marty, Kelli, and Noel. He later welcomed two kids with his fifth wife, Theresa Ann Lane, and their names are Jenessa and Ben. You can see Merle with a young Ben in the picture above.

Clay Walker


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Clay Walker has a total of seven kids, four sons and three daughters. He welcomed his two oldest children with his first wife, Lori Jayne Lampson. They had two daughters named MaClay DaLayne and Skylor ClayAnne.

Clay and Lori divorced in 2006. He married Jessica Craig in 2007, and they share five children together. Their names are William Clayton, Mary Elizabeth, Elijah Craig, Ezra Stephen, and Christiaan Michael.

Jessica and Clay announced in 2023 they were expecting their sixth child. But sadly, Jessica suffered a miscarriage at 20 weeks. They were expecting a baby girl, who they chose to name Eleanora Lindsey.

Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell with his son Cal and daughter Ashley
Michael Loccisano / Staff / Getty Images

Glen Campbell was a father to nine children, six sons and three daughters.

He and his first wife, Diane Marie Kirk, had a son named Glen Travis Campbell Jr. who was born premature. Glen Jr. sadly passed away a few days after his birth. Diane and Glen later welcomed a daughter named Deborah.

Glen and his second wife, Billie Jean Nunley, shared three children: Kelli, William, and Wesley. He and his third wife, Sarah Jan Davis, had one child together, a son named Dillon.

Glen and his fourth wife, Kimberly “Kim” Woollen, welcomed three children: Cal, Shannon, and Ashley. All three of them joined Glen on tour in 2010 as members of his band. You can see Cal and Ashley with Glen in the photo above.

Craig Wayne Boyd


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Voice winner Craig Wayne Boyd is a father of five! He has a son, named Jaxon, from an earlier relationship. He and his wife, Taylor, share four children together, two daughters and two sons.

Their kids’ names are Dakota, Graydon, Boston, and Blakely.

Tammy Wynette

Tammy Wynette had four children, all daughters. She shared Gwendolyn Lee, Jaclyn Faye, and Tina Denise with her first husband, Euple Byrd.

Later, Tammy welcomed a daughter with her third husband, George Jones. They named her Tamala Georgette. Today she goes by Georgette Jones, and is a singer like both of her parents.

You can see Georgette (on the far left) and Tina (singing into the microphone) in the photo with Tammy and George above.

Waylon Jennings

Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter with their infant son Shooter Jennings
Jessi Colter / Facebook

The late Waylon Jennings had six children, three daughters and three sons.

He welcomed four kids with his first wife Maxine Caroll Lawrence. Their names were/are Terry (died in 2019), Julie (died in 2014), Buddy, and Deana (died in 2015). Waylon and his second wife Lynne Jones adopted a daughter named Tomi.

Waylon and his third wife, fellow country music singer Jessi Colter, welcomed a son named Waylon Albright. Today, you know him as Shooter Jennings. You can see him as a baby in the picture above.

Jessi also had a daughter from her previous marriage, named Jennifer, who Waylon raised as his own.

Marie Osmond

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Marie Osmond / Facebook

Singer and entertainer Marie Osmond is a mother to eight children. She first married Stephen Lyle Craig and had a son with him named Stephen James.

After Marie and Stephen divorced, she married Brian Blosil. They share seven children together, five of them being adopted: Jessica, Michael, Brandon, Brianna, Abigail, Rachael, and Matthew. Sadly, Michael died in 2010 at the age of 18.

Marie and Brian divorced in 2007, and she remarried Stephen in 2011. Learn more about her eight kids here.

Sammy Kershaw


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Sammy Kershaw has five children, four daughters and a son. His older kids are named Emily, Erin, Sammie, and Brandon. He also told The Boot he considers his ex-wife Kim’s son, Ryan, to be “[his] boy.”

The singer welcomed his fifth child, a daughter named Natelia Mae, with his now-wife Mendy Gregory in 2019.

Thomas Rhett


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Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins have four children, all daughters! They first adopted their daughter Willa, and welcomed her sister Ada not longer after. Since then, Thomas and Lauren have added Lennon and Lillie to their family.

A younger Willa and Ada appeared in Thomas’ “Home Videos” music video for “Remember You Young.” Watch that sentimental video below.