Zach Bryan’s Auction Surprise: A $4,000 Bid On His Own Vinyl & Gift To Fan

1st Photo: Erika Goldring / Getty Images 2nd Photo: KurtsCountryMusic / TikTok

Zach Bryan demonstrated his kindness at a cancer fundraiser in Copan, Oklahoma when he gave his own signed ‘DeAnn’ vinyl to a fan.

The event marked the conclusion of a remarkable journey undertaken by Zach’s father, Dewayne Bryan, who began his altruistic trek from Claremore to Copan in 2021. This heartfelt initiative aimed to generate funds for two Bartlesville nonprofits dedicated to assisting cancer patients.

Over the years, Dewayne’s dedication to this cause has grown, encompassing a wider range of charitable organizations, with impactful beneficiaries such as Hopestone Cancer Support Center and Paths to Independence.

In 2021, Dewayne initiated this walk to provide assistance to a Texas teacher battling cancer. Over the past few years, his charitable efforts have expanded, supporting various causes.

After the walk concluded on Saturday, a BBQ and auction were held to continue fundraising. Amidst the vibrant bids and spirited camaraderie, Zach Bryan, displaying a generous spirit and unwavering commitment to the cause, took a notable step forward. The artist placed a substantial bid of $4,000 on a vinyl copy of his own work, the signed ‘DeAnn’ album. Impressively, Zach emerged victorious in the auction, securing the coveted possession.

Of course, we don’t think he needed a copy of his own album, but he decided to select a fortunate fan from the crowd and generously gift it to them.

During the bidding, you can hear Zach shout:

“It’s not worth it!”

We’re thinking that was an effort to discourage others from bidding on the record, although the fan who received it would most likely have a different perspective.

A genuinely classy gesture from one of the prominent superstars in country music.


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This noteworthy event adds a new layer to Zach Bryan’s expanding reputation, pushing him beyond the boundaries of musical excellence and into the realm of compassionate individuals.

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Recently nominated for multiple 2024 Grammy Awards, his recognition includes his collaboration with Kacey Musgraves on “I Remember Everything.”

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