Your Favorite 90s Gag Gift Got A Millennial Makeover Just In Time For The Holidays

Blake Sheward / Facebook

Amazon just revealed that they have taken the old technology of the Big Mouth Billy Bass animatronic fish and combined it with the high-tech programming of Alexa. All in time to get the perfect gift for your fish-loving friends.

A Nostalgic 90s Classic

Big Mouth Billy Bass became a household name when it was released in the late 90s. Everybody knew about the singing & dancing mounted fish. Two of Billy’s biggest “hits” were “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin and “Take Me To The River” by Al Green.

People everywhere fell in love with the toy. At one point, the gag gift’s price shot up from $29.50 to $90 on eBay when it was in its highest demand. The toy was funny, quirky, and hardy. One owner claims that all 17 of his original 1999 Big Mouth Billy Bass still work to this day!

Times & Technology Have Changed

While the toy was one of the most memorable 90s gifts for many people, times have definitely changed. The once expensive toy has been put on the shelf or sold in garage sales for a fraction of the price. As new things like drones, Alexa smart technology, and other gadgets have come into style, the toys of the past have become an afterthought…


Or so we thought.

Combining The New & Old

As Amazon has come out with the Alexa app for phones and home smart speakers, people have been able to have all their questions answered in the course of seconds.

But for the nostalgic ones among us, we like our technology to look a little more “old school.” Which is why this holiday season, you can now buy a Big Mouth Billy Bass with Alexa! He can do everything other Alexa-compatible devices can do with one extra bonus – he’ll dance right along to whatever song is playing.

People Are Loving It

So far, the Big Mouth Billy Bass with Alexa has slowly trickled into the mainstream (no pun intended). But everyone who has bought one is loving it! So if you or any of your friends feel the need to have a quirky, singing fish that can make your grocery list for you and keeps track of the weather – this is it.

You can purchase one for yourself here. While you do, check out the hysterical moment an engineer and his friend found out just exactly what the new Big Mouth Billy Bass can do in the video below!