Your Body Will Be Covered In Goosebumps After You Watch Chris Stapleton Sing This…

Great Tunes / YouTube

If you’ve ever doubted Chris Stapleton‘s talent, you better brace yourself, because we have one doozy of a video to share with you.

Before his breakthrough performance at the 2015 CMA Awards that launched him into the country music superstardom, Stapleton was a member of a rock group called The Jompson Brothers. Stapleton sang lead vocals and played rhythm guitar in the group, which released its first, and only, record in 2010.

One song that Stapleton recorded during his days with The Jompson Brothers was “Barely Alive.” If you’ve ever heard their recording of the song before, you know it’s a powerful track with killer vocals from Stapleton.

But as good as The Jompson Brothers’ recording is, nothing compares to Stapleton’s solo, acoustic version of “Barely Alive.” If you thought that you’ve already heard Chris at his best on songs like “Sometimes I Cry,” or “Tennessee Whiskey,” you’re wrong.

Some time ago, Stapleton treated a crowd to a solo performance of “Barely Alive.” The footage from that acoustic session made its way online, but was taken down for a while. It has since remerged, and we’re sure glad it did.

We would try to describe Stapleton’s performance, but no amount of words would do it justice. Let us put it this way…with nothing but his guitar and the sheer power of his voice, Stapleton issued a performance that is unarguably one of the best things we’ve ever heard.

Seriously, some of the long, wailing notes he hits in this thing are so fierce that you’ll end up with goosebumps all over your body as you listen. Go ahead and watch his performance below to see what we mean.

This man can SING!