Young Girl Plays Accordion In Grass Field – Cows Run Towards Her To Listen

Celtic Thunder Official / Facebook

Sometimes we forget what kind of power music has. It is a universal language that people, and animals, all around the world will recognize.

Facebook page Celtic Thunder Official shared a video that has proven this to be true, while amassing over 32 million views, with over 4,000 people chiming in to say just how incredible it is.

The video shows a little girl named Grace sitting on a stool while playing the accordion, also known as a squeezebox, next to a large grass field.

Celtic Thunder Official / Facebook

As she continues to play, and is encouraged to by her father Denis who is filming, a herd of cows start running toward her, eager to hear the little girl’s music.

The accordion has been around since the early 1900s and is a member of the keyboard family. Some accordions have a keyboard and/or buttons on the side, while some do not. The small accordion this little girl uses does not have a keyboard on it.

Possibly the best accordion player in the world

Its likely you thought you would go through life without being completely mesmerised by an accordion. Watch ALEXANDER HRUSTEVICH, possibly the best accordion player in the world take on Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons' together with all the orchestral parts. Keep your eyes on his left hand (your right) to see the real genius. This extract is Summer, part 3. Recorded in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania in 2013Enjoy!More information on this incredible player :

Posted by The Hall Exeter on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Country singer Hunter Hayes has played the accordion since he was just a small fry. In fact, the first time he jammed with the legendary Hank Williams Jr., he brought his trusty squeezebox to perform “Jambalaya.”

There’s no surprise why this video has millions upon millions of views. It’s is truly an incredible sight to see. Who knew cows loved music this much?

Watch the video by pressing play below.