Young Garth Brooks Belts Song That Changed His Life, “The Dance”


It was the Spring of April 1989 when young Garth Brooks premiered his debut album, Garth Brooks when his career would change forever. Performed in front of a live studio audience, the country star closed the show with his now hit record “The Dance.”

With a grateful heart, Brooks thanked the audience for their time followed by appreciation to “The Good Lord” as he explains, “For without him in my life nothing would be possible.” With a song that carries so much passion, the singer explains it is simply a song about life. The lyrics tell a love story that ended far too soon.

“Looking back on the memory of the dance we shared ‘neath the stars above. For a moment all the world was right. How could I have known that you’d ever say goodbye.”

With his guitar in hand and cowboy hat secured, he began to play what would become one of country music’s most iconic songs. A brisk piano ballad introduces the song as Brooks slowly intertwines his incredible vocals. His smooth chords and swift guitar skills left not a single dry eye in the crowd. As the credits rolled post-performance, the audience sat in awe of the stunning acoustics.

Since the release of this heartfelt melody, it has helped loved ones across the world cope with loss and heartbreak. Several fans have even come to consider “The Dance” to be Brooks’ signature song of his career. The charts were quick to validate that.

To Brooks’ surprise, the following year “The Dance” would go on to win Song of the Year and Video of the Year by the Academy of Country Music. Being one of the first singles of his career, it became an international success hitting #1 in the United States and Europe.

During his speech at the 26th annual American Country Music Awards, Brooks told the personal story of what “The Dance” meant to him.

“You’ll never know what kind of gift I got in this song man, if something ever happens to me, play it over and over please”

It was a song that changed the country music world as we know it forever.

Watch the heartwarming video below as young Garth Brooks stuns us with his vocals yet again.