You’ll Love Miranda Lambert Even More Once You Hear What She Just Did

MuttNation / Twitter

In 2009, Miranda Lambert and her mom, Bev, co-founded an organization called the MuttNation Foundation. Its mission, as described on its website, “is to promote and facilitate the adoption of shelter pets, encourage spay & neuter for all pets, and educate the public about the importance and beneficial impact of these actions.”

Within nine years, MuttNation has been able to provide assistance to hundreds of shelters and even more pets. That assistance comes thanks to the organization’s many fundraisers, including the annual Paws for the Cause Concert.

In addition to monetary funds, Miranda and MuttNation also collect food and other items for shelters they partner with. If you attend one of Miranda’s concerts, you’ll see her “Little Red Wagon” set up where you can donate pet food, toys, and other supplies to a local shelter.

Beyond providing assistance in terms of funds and donations, Miranda and the MuttNation team get directly involved in helping animals in need. One of their main commitments is to provide help during natural disasters. That’s exactly what they did when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas last summer.

Following Hurricane Harvey, Miranda and the MuttNation team hit the ground to help rescue pets who were left stranded. They also helped shelters affected by the storm, and helped take those animals to safety.

Miranda personally took care of a mama dog and newborn puppies the MuttNation team saved after arriving in Texas. She let the little family sleep in her trailer where it was safe and warm.

Now, Miranda has stepped up to show her love for animals in another major way. It was revealed on Tuesday (February 27) that Miranda’s MuttNation Foundation had donated $189,000 to 50 different animal shelters as part of their Mutts Across America program.

The Mutts Across America program provides financial assistance to shelters that meet a defined set of criteria. Those criteria are as follows…

  • High Adoption Rate
  • High Volunteerism
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • High Activity/Fundraising
  • Specialty
  • Community Presence
  • Website & Social Media Presence
  • Advocacy

Since it was established, the Mutts Across America program has given over 200 shelters over $775,000. That’s a lot of money to help a lot of animals!

Hats off to Miranda and the MuttNation team for always going the extra mile to help animals in need!