You Can Make Amazon Tip Your Delivery Drivers An Extra $5 – Here’s How To Do It

Amazon News / YouTube

Amazon has put together an incredible new way to give back to their workers this holiday season in the form of a “thank you” from customers and bonus money in the pockets of their employees.

With Christmas right around the corner, those shopping online for their holiday gifts can say “thank you” to their delivery drivers and Amazon will put an extra $5 in the pocket of the driver.

“Customers can say ‘Alexa, thank my driver,’ and the driver of their most recent delivery will be notified of their gratitude. Drivers who receive the first 1M thank-you’s will also receive $5 per thank you,” Amazon wrote on their website, while adding, “at no cost to the customer.” 

This feature started on December 7 and will last throughout the holiday season. In addition to that, the five drivers who receive the most customer “thank-you’s” during the promotional period, will also be rewarded with $10,000.

The five delivery drivers who earn the big bonus will also get to choose a charity of their choice and Amazon will additionally donate another $10,000 to that charity.

Amazon News / YouTube

“We love hearing the countless stories from customers about the many ways delivery drivers make their lives better. We are excited for this new opportunity to thank these everyday heroes and giving our customers the ability to help us do it,” Amazon wrote.

The company went on to say that they’ve had a long-standing commitment to empower and invest in their delivery drivers and that this promotion is just another moment for them to express their gratitude.

It will not be the last time they do something like this they added. Amazon is looking forward to finding additional opportunities to celebrate the drivers who deliver smiles for customers.

“Thank you, delivery drivers, for helping us deliver for customers this holiday season and every day,” the copmany said.

Amazon started back in 1994 and not only has grown in the selection of items they have for people to buy, but also in their ability to deliver quickly and conveniently to their customers.

This year marks a major package milestone for Amazon delivering 15 billion packages to people in the U.S.

Amazon said, “It’s more than just the packages that they deliver—they form relationships with customers, provide support to the community in tough moments, and sometimes play the role of the unexpected hero.”

Amazon Video Below Showing How The Promotion It’s Done