“Yellowstone” Star Cole Hauser Begins “Multi-Year Strategic Partnership” With PBR

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PBR, which stands for “Professional Bull Riders,” is a rodeo organization that specializes in bull riding events. It was founded in 1992 by a group of bull riders who wanted to create a premier organization for the sport.

In PBR events, riders attempt to stay on a bucking bull for a period of eight seconds while holding onto a rope with one hand. The rider is judged based on their technique, balance, and control, as well as the bull’s performance. The bull is also judged based on its athleticism and agility.

PBR events are held all over the world and are broadcast on television, making it a popular and well-known sport. The organization also works to promote the welfare of the animals involved and has implemented various safety measures to ensure the well-being of the riders and the bulls.

Now, the PBR is furthering its reach by partnering with one of the most popular actors out there at the moment…Yellowstone star Cole Hauser.

Hauser is known for playing Rip Wheeler over Yellowstone‘s five seasons. Rip is considered to be the quintessential cowboy, and that reputation has since extended to Hauser himself.


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On February 27, PBR released a statement announcing it is entering “a groundbreaking multi-year strategic partnership” with Hauser. The organization’s statement read:

“The partnership pairs one of the world’s most popular and iconic actors with the leading Western sports organization, with both sharing the beliefs of centuries-old values associated with ranchers, farmers, and cowboys. PBR and Hauser will collaborate on the development of a multi-faceted creative campaign inviting everyone to be more cowboy in their lives and promoting Western values such as hard work, honesty, integrity, sacrifice and service.”

Hauser’s first creative work with the organization will debut during the PBR World Finals in Forth Worth from May 12-21.

At its core, PBR is an inviting sport showcasing courageous cowboy athletes doing the seemingly unthinkable,” Hauser said. “But beneath the rush of an 8-second bull ride, these athletes share a simple, pure humanity and live a life centered on values that are more important today than ever.”

Hauser explained why this partnership is so “exciting” for him, saying:

What makes this partnership exciting to me is the opportunity to work with PBR to tell stories revealing the humanity of a group of extraordinary bull-riding cowboys that pulls back the curtain in an uplifting way that celebrates family, loyalty, love, honor, determination and friendship representing the best of Americana.”

Sean Gleason, the CEO and Commissioner of PBR, also spoke about the partnership with Hauser. Gleason said:

“PBR could not be more excited to form this first-of-a-kind partnership with Cole Hauser. We are going to collaborate not only on numerous branding and marketing initiatives to celebrate core Western values, but across all of our lines of business, including giving back to the men and women who have served our country in the military. There’s no one better suited to shine a light on our cowboy values than one of the toughest and most iconic cowboy characters since John Wayne. From the get-go, Cole has been all-in on joining our PBR family, sharing his vision for a sport he has grown to love, and inviting everyone into our world.”

Learn more about Hauser and PBR’s new partnership here. We’re excited to see what they work on together!