“Yellowstone” Fans Rejoice: Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures Of The Dutton Family Are Here!

photo credit: yellowstonetvshop.com

Attention Yellowstone fans, have you heard the news? Funko, the popular toy company, just announced that they are releasing a new line of Pop! Vinyl figures of the Dutton family.

You can now bring home your very own John, Rip, Beth, Kayce, and Monica in the form of a four-inch figure. And the best part is you can pre-order them right now!

Well, except for the exclusive “Rip Wheeler with cooler” figure, but you can sign up for alerts on the Funko website to be notified when it becomes available.

If you’re a fan of the hit show, this might be your last chance to purchase Kevin Costner/John Dutton related merchandise before the actor leaves the show. According to rumors surrounding the TV series, Costner may be leaving Yellowstone after season 5.

But let’s not focus on the potential negative, let’s celebrate the fact that you can now have your very own John Dutton, complete with cowboy hat, brown jacket, and blue shirt. Or how about Rip Wheeler, with his trademark black cowboy hat, sunglasses, and Yellowstone jacket?

There’s even a Funko.com exclusive Rip figure with him holding a blue and white cooler. And don’t forget about Beth, Kayce, and Monica, who are all dressed in their iconic Yellowstone outfits.

Funko has a great track record when it comes to producing figures from pop-culture properties, from Star Wars and Marvel, to Game of Thrones and The Office. And now, they’ve added Yellowstone to their collection.

So, don’t wait any longer, go on the website to pre-order your favorite characters if you’d like. At just $15 a piece, these figures are a steal. And who knows, they might even become a collector’s item in the future.

As we eagerly await the second half of season 5, set to air this summer, we can at least take comfort in the fact that we can have our favorite characters with us at all times, in the form of a Funko Pop! Vinyl figure.

And with the rumors of Matthew McConaughey joining the Yellowstone saga, maybe we’ll even see a new line of figures in the future.