‘Yellowstone’ Actor Gil Birmingham Gives Kevin Costner “Space” on Set

Yellowstone / YouTube

Yellowstone stars Gil Birmingham and Kevin Costner may play ruthless adversaries on the show, but in real life, the two of them enjoy working together. Even though they get along while filming and on set, Birmingham likes to be respectful and give Costner his space.


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Birmingham understands the tremendous pressure put on Costner’s shoulders as he carries the show. He explains that it can be tiresome filming every day as the lead of the show and having to deal with that particular workload. Birmingham revealed how this affects his relationship with Costner in an interview with Indian Country Today:

“I love working with Kevin Costner. The few scenes that I’ve had, I haven’t had that many scenes with Kevin, but he’s really a lot of fun to work with. He’s a very intense individual. He’s very prepared and he loves to rehearse. But carrying the lead of a show, where you’re working practically every single day is so exhausting. I just try to give the actors that got that kind of workload the space they need.”

Anyone watching Yellowstone, will easily recognize Birmingham from his long career in TV and film. Birmingham as starred in several movies such as Wind River, Hell or High Water, the Twilight series, and The Lone Ranger as well.


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For an in-depth look at Birmingham’s character on Yellowstone, watch the video below.