World’s 3rd Largest Paddlefish Caught By 12-Year-Old Boy

Keystone Lake Paddlefish Charters / Facebook

William Burris from Florida reeled in the world’s third largest paddlefish ever recorded while fishing in Keystone Lake in Oklahoma.

Posted by Keystone Lake Paddlefish Charters on Saturday, October 31, 2020

“William Burris landed a 144-pound paddlefish while fishing with Keystone Lake Paddlefish Charters over the weekend. It is the largest paddle fish reeled in by a 12-year-old that has been weighed,” News On 6 reported.

He’s also the youngest fisherman to have ever been recorded catching a fish of that size. Keystone Lake has been very generous to its anglers this year (2020) for the top three world record paddlefish have all been caught this year, in this lake.

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“Cory Watters set the world record for largest paddlefish back in July. His tipped the scales at 151 pounds and 9 ounces. James Lukehart is on record with the world’s second largest paddlefish caught in June. It weighed 146 pounds and 11 ounces,” News On 6  said.

The 12-year-old was visiting the state in attempts to catch a trophy size paddlefish and by golly did he achieve his goal. William reeled in a 144-pound paddlefish while fishing with the Keystone Lake Paddlefish Charters, an official charter for Keystone Harbor that specializes in trophy paddlefish using Garmin Livescope.

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