Woman Reported Missing Found Alive In Submerged Jeep

Marion County Sheriff's Office

In what can only be described as a miracle, a Texas woman that had been missing since April 5 was found alive in her submerged Jeep.

On Friday morning, April 7, dispatchers received a call from a fisherman who said that he could see a black Jeep underwater on the south side of Lake o’ the Pines located in Marion County, Texas. The fisherman said that the Jeep appeared to be submerged about 40 feet from a boat ramp.

Authorities came to the scene along with a wrecker service to pull the Jeep from the water. But, as the vehicle was being prepared to be removed from the lake, those on site noticed that there was a woman inside moving around.

Together, the fisherman, deputies and the wrecker service were able to rescue the female and transport her to a local hospital.

During the rescue mission, authorities discovered that the woman had been listed as a missing person by the Longview Texas Police Department two days prior.

Many questions surround this case, including questions about how the woman and her Jeep ended up in the lake. But, perhaps the most puzzling aspect of this case is how she survived underwater for nearly two days. Speculation is that the very top of the Jeep that the fisherman saw was just enough to contain an air pocket that allowed the woman to breath until help arrived.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook