Woman Randomly Approaches And Bites Stranger At Kid Rock’s Nashville Bar

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Nashville, Tennessee, renowned for its vibrant music scene and lively atmosphere, recently became the setting of a freaky incident involving teeth…and a bar.

Anne Frey, a tourist visiting Nashville for the first time, was Kid Rock‘s Big Honky Tonk & Steakhouse in Nashville earlier this month when a woman approached her. While her husband went to fetch drinks and her daughter used the restroom, an unidentified woman approached her and viciously bit her arm, leaving her in a state of shock and with a bloody arm.

“I didn’t do anything that I can even remember other than saying that, ‘Oh my God, she bit me,’ and my arm was bleeding. I couldn’t see it, but anybody who looked at it, like their eyes were just like, ‘Oh my God, you need to get security,'” Frey said, according to News Channel 5.

Krystle Erler / Facebook

The aftermath of the assault has been nothing short of a nightmare for Frey. Her numerous visits to doctors have revealed the potential risks associated with a human bite, including the transmission of infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and even HIV.

“You have to take the antibiotics. You have to make sure to keep it clean because a human bite is like the worst. It’s worse than any animal bite because of the bacteria in a human’s mouth,” she said.

The physical and emotional toll on Frey cannot be overstated, as she now faces a long and uncertain road to recovery, including monthly lab checks to monitor her health.

Krystle Erler / Facebook

The assailant and her partner made a hasty escape when security at the bar was alerted. The fact that they fled the scene suggests a blatant disregard for the safety and well-being of others. But, video footage captured at the scene contains crucial evidence to help identify, and hopefully apprehend, the individuals.

“She presses the elevator again, and it was already pressed — like come on we have to get out of here. And then they didn’t wait for the elevator. They went down, and they have footage of them going down the steps and out the door. And at that time we were just whisked away by security,” Frey said.

Anne’s loved ones are asking that the community come together to demand justice for Anne Frey so that incidents like this don’t happen again.

They have implored the Nashville Metro Police and the entire community to rally behind this cause, providing any information that could aid in identifying and apprehending the assailant.

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