Woman Gets Over 2 Million Views For National Anthem Performance

Facebook / Washington County High School

Every day brave individuals step in front of a large crowd with a microphone in hand in honor of our country’s national anthem. While talented acts of all ages and backgrounds step before the flag, some voices ring louder than others. It wasn’t an NFL game or a World Series Championship but this young woman just stunned the nation with her performance.

Breathtaking Talent

Melvette Armond of Plymouth, North Carolina stepped onto a crowded basketball court ready to sing her heart out – and that’s exactly what she did. Singing at Washington County High School she stunned the audience from her very first note. Showcasing her powerhouse vocals, she held the microphone far away from her mouth, further proving just how strong her voice was.

Melvette’s unique runs throughout the patriotic tune made her rendition even more breathtaking. Truly, you will have chills throughout the entire performance. Take it from the audience members who gave her a loud applause before she was even done singing.

Directly following her incredible national anthem, the crowd stood giving her loud praise. The refs even ran over to her, anxiously waiting to shake her hand. With a big smile on her face, she set the tone for this game off on the perfect note.

Facebook / Washington County High School

Melvette’s video went viral instantly – reaching over 2 million views.

Melvette’s Journey

According to the young talent’s social media, singing is a big passion of hers! Melvette has shared several videos of her singing gospel at her church. It even looks like Melvette is in a singing group with some of her friends. One thing is for sure – this girl needs a record deal ASAP!


Prepare to be blown away by Melvette Armond’s jaw-dropping talent. Watch below.