Woman Films Grizzly Bear Chasing Goats Across Hiking Trail

Glacier National Park Hiking & Backpacking / Facebook

A woman got the scare of her life while she was hiking along on the Hidden Lake Overlook Trail at Glacier National Park in Montana. She was with a group of people enjoying the beautiful landscape and pristine air when she noticed some wild mountain goats running across the trail ahead of her.

Excited to see wildlife, she pulled out her phone and started filming them. The first goat ran at full speed and crossed the trail but the other goat turned right and started running down the trail towards Regina. A half a second later, she found out why.

A hefty grizzly bear came barreling out of the bush onto the trail after the mountain goats and totally shocked Regina and the folks on the trail. Intimidated by the bear, she could hardly hold her camera still. It was standing in the middle of the trail making a decision to either go after the goat that crossed the path or go towards the goat that was in her direction.

Fortunately, the bear chose the goats across the path and took off charging after them. Regina shared the intense video on the Facebook group, Glacier National Park Hiking & Backpacking. She said it happened on July 25th, 2020, around 6:30pm.

“Yesterday (7/25) on the Hidden Lake Overlook Trail at about 6:30pm, a young grizzly scared those of us who were near the outlook. He came charging fast, but was not interested in people at all. He was after multiple mountain goats!!!” Regina wrote on Facebook.

Watch Woman Film Grizzly Bear Chasing Goats Below