Woman Falls Off Dock Into Icy Lake – Cop’s Bodycam Captures Rescue

Macomb County Sheriff's Office / Facebook

Macomb County Sheriff’s Office released some dramatic footage on Facebook that was captured by a police officer’s bodycam of a woman being pulled out of icy water in Harrison Township, Michigan.

The video starts off with the officer in his car pulling up to the scene. As he parks the car a woman runs up to him who is a friend of the girl who fell in the water and started letting the officer know where to go. Apparently the girls were fishing when one of them slipped on the dock and fell into the water.

She immediately started screaming because the water was around 36 degrees and two other fishermen ran over to help her. Unfortunately, her body was quickly going numb and the two fishermen were unable to pull her onto the dock again so they called the police. The police arrived within 15 minutes of her falling in and one of them ran over to her grabbing her hand.

The woman was clearly panicked, crying out, “Help me. I’m numb, I’m completely numb. I’m stuck.” 

Now with three men there, they attempt to pull her out of the water. The first attempt fails and one of the guys says to the officer, “It’s too hard, we can’t.” The officer didn’t give up though. He instructed one of the guys to help pull her up for a second time and they lifted her out of the water, finally getting her back onto the dock.

The officer then instructed everyone to clear the dock so the Fire Department could get through and escort her to the hospital. The Facebook post said the lady is doing better and she identified herself as Korisa Miller to ABC Detroit affiliate WXYZ.

You can watch the dramatic footage in the video below.