Woman Creates Show-Stopping Designs On Horses

Caters Clips / YouTube

Melody Hames, also known as the Horse Barber, is a true artist when it comes to horse clipping. With over 20 years of experience, Hames has mastered the art of creating intricate and stunning designs using the hair of her equine clients.

Hames’ journey with horse clipping began when she was just nine years old when her Connemara pony was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease. In order to keep him comfortable, she taught herself how to clip his coat.

Fast forward two decades and Hames has become the first clipper in the UK to offer traditional and creative clipping skills as an equine educator.


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In addition to her educational efforts, Hames has also gained recognition for her skills on a national and international level. She has even teamed up with American clipper company Andis to provide demonstrations to other equestrians.

Overall, Hames is known by most for her impressive designs, which range from warhorse tributes and tribal prints to patriotic themes and much more.

In addition to traditional and creative clipping, Hames offers a range of services including show preparation, remedial clipping for Cushing’s and sweet itch, and mountain and moorland show blending.


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She also offers confidence-building sessions, 1-1 training, demonstrations, and online training.

Hames’ unique approach to clipping is the result of her love of art and design, her horsemanship skills, and her knowledge of different horse coat types.

Her ultimate goal is to create a safer and happier environment for both horses and people during the clipping process.

It’s clear to see that Hames’ passion for horses and her talent in clipping shines through in every one of her amazing designs.

Watch Her Create Artwork In The Video Below