Wife Sings “Amazing Grace” To Dying Husband – Just A Day Before Passing

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Tony Gibson of Nashville has just lost his fight with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease or CJD. The disease is a rare, fatal brain disorder that often can occur spontaneously and quick. At the beginning of its course, the disease will cause people to lose memory, lack coordination, and go through behavioral changes. Although it affects only about one in every one million people, one loving father and husband lost his life due to it.

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His Final Days

Luckily, his last days were spent in the loving comfort of his family and selfless wife. His wife, Danielle, shared a video of her singing “Amazing Grace” to Tony just one day before his passing. The video shows Danielle leaning over and holding Tony as she gracefully sings to him. Although his voice and motor movements were mostly gone, he looked into her eyes the entire time.

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While Danielle is singing, Tony starts to move his mouth and his eyes get bigger in a truly beautiful and breathtaking moment.

While speaking with News 2 of Nashville, Danielle opened up about her last days with her husband.

“That was what brought him to life, he loved music.”

Danielle explained that the father-of-four’s symptoms came out of nowhere.

“Everything was perfect, he had just got a new job and he came home from work one day and said ‘I feel like I have been hit in the head’.” The next week, everything unfolded quickly. “I remember him telling me ‘my sense of direction is gone.'”

The Heartbreaking Diagnosis

Danielle realized that things were taking a turn for the worst as Tony could no longer read, and began hallucinating. He eventually lost both his ability to eat and speak.

At first, doctors were at a loss of what was taking over Tony’s body. After spending a month at Vanderbilt Hospital, Danielle said that doctors finally diagnosed him with CJD – giving him only a few months to live.

As he spent his time in an assisted living facility, his wife found the one way to bring light to the situation – through her songs.

“As I started singing to him he just lit up and you could see him just shake his head like yes this is so good,” Danielle cried.

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A GoFundMe has been started for the family if you wish to donate.

You can watch Danielle’s beautiful last song to her husband below.