Wife Of Miranda Lambert’s Rumored Boyfriend Has Scathing Message For Him

Instagram/Staci Felker

Finally breaking her silence about the entire situation, this scorned wife of a country singer with ties to Miranda Lambert has a message for him that nobody would want to hear.

Taking to social media, Staci Felker (estranged wife of the Turnpike Troubadours’ singer Evan Felker) has opened up about the way she’s been treated as a wife and exactly how she feels going forward. But she hasn’t always been this open.


Earlier this year, shortly after the rumors started swirling that she had been ghosted by Evan and he had engaged in a separated fling with country singer Miranda Lambert, Staci Felker posted a very cryptic message that showed the front of a book and read, “Well I Was Clearly More Into That Than You Were : A Love Story.”

With no caption to provide context, fans and friends were only left to assume it was directed at the cause of her heartache.


Earlier this month, Staci posted and deleted a photo of wine that had the initials ES on the label, saying “The awkward coincidence phoning in on his big night. Hi baby. This is the wine I was served which is sorta perfect. Such is life. #EvanFelker.”

Throughout the saga, Staci Felker has kept a low profile, but her close friends have been quick to shame Miranda Lambert on social media. Here’s how it all began…

Allegedly, Lambert and Evan Felker first met during several dates in early February. Several outlets, including People Magazine, report that they hit it off immediately – but there was one problem: he was still married to his wife of more than a year, Staci Felker.

The reports stated that he filed for divorce on February 16th, and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Staci, filing her own case two weeks later. It appears that neither case has been resolved or settled yet.


Staci Felker’s friends – known by their Instagram usernames @saddletrampbrand and @tayl0rmade both called out Miranda Lambert in a variety of ways trying to stand up for their friend. One even snapped a photo of Staci autographing the cover of a magazine with an intense headline relating to all the rumors.


Now, after opening the floor to her 12K followers on Instagram, Staci Felker is answering some of the hardest questions and explaining what the straw was that brought the house down around her.

According to her story on Instagram, Staci had been in the doctor’s office with some unknown medical issue and was preparing for treatment when she posted the question box for followers. Just one day later, and she shared a photo of her hospital admissions wristband with a very lengthy caption that called out her husband Evan Felker – and his behavior.

“I’m ultimately gonna be fine physically. Thanks for all your questions. I’ll answer some more when I feel better, but right now – I want to talk about real men,” she said.

Aside from the ghosting and just very real #psychologicalwarfare and torture that happened earlier this year. A man that I perfected homemade chicken soup for when he was sick, care for him through soooo many sweating miserable days coming off benders decided to come calling when I was happy last week,” she continued – referencing the phone call post she had deleted.

She goes on to explain why she even answered his phone calls, why she chose to stay in her marriage, what she hoped would be the outcome – and finally, what she’s going to do from this point forward.

“I took those calls, because that’s what a wife does. I’m still his wife,” she continued, adding that she did all these good things because “deep down I thought it might change things.”

“Less than a week later, I was sent to the hospital and couldn’t reach him. That’s not a real man. That’s not a country boy and certainly no cowboy. Not a husband I’ll ever take back because I was scared and he was gone. Again.”

Is there a question about what she means by all of this? Not if you ask her followers and friends. She’s sent him a scathing message and one that’s out there for all the public to see. Read her full message below and let us know what you think of the situation in the comments.