Wife Deep Fries Husband’s Expensive Pet Fish For Not Cleaning Tank

@miakurniawan01 / TikTok

A woman from Indonesia has recently gone viral over the past few days after cutting up and deep-frying her husband’s expensive pet Arowana fish.

@miakurniawan01 / TikTok

Arowana fish are native to Southeast Asia and are normally sold on the market for $300 to $70,000. They are known to be the world’s most expensive fish and an albino Arowana was even reportedly sold back in 2009 for $300,000.

The wife in the viral video said she had gotten sick and tired of telling her husband to clean the fish tank, who said he would, but would never do. Due to the lack of him doing it, she decided to clean the tank herself and when she did, unfortunately, the fish fell sick.

After a while of watching and filming the fish struggle in the tank, she decided to just take it out and fry it up for dinner. A viral video posted on TikTok showed her cutting the scales off the fish and seasoning it before placing the fish in a boiling pan of hot grease.

@miakurniawan01 / TikTok

The Arowana fish also goes by the name dragon fish for their resemblance the Chinese dragon. They are protected by the Endangered Species Act and are not allowed to be brought to the United States. 

“It’s a very valuable commodity, and that had driven a tremendous amount of crime around the areas where it’s bred,”Emily Voigt, author of The Dragon Behind the Glass, which explores the trade, told Business Insider“Keeping this fish is very much a macho hobby. There’s not a lot of women that do it. And it’s almost like collecting cars or something like that.”

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