Why Toby Keith’s Daughter Krystal Chose Not To Continue Her Singing Career

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Krystal Keith, daughter of the legendary Toby Keith, ventured into the music scene following in her father’s footsteps, but what made her stop?

Krystal Keith’s Music Career

Krystal’s debut in 2004, when she performed alongside Toby at the CMA Awards, marked the beginning of a musical journey that would eventually lead to her own album, Whiskey & Lace, released in 2013. The album featured popular tracks like “Daddy Dance With Me,” a song that was performed at her wedding in 2010. Although she showed great success first starting out, it has been nearly six years since Krystal released new music.

Why Krystal Stopped Releasing Music

In an interview with Taste of Country, right before his tragic passing, Toby Keith shared insights into why Krystal chose to step away from the spotlight. Despite signing with her father’s record label and releasing several singles, including collaborations with other artists, Krystal ultimately decided to prioritize her family over her music career.


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Toby revealed that Krystal, now 38 years old, has chosen to focus on raising her two daughters, Kirby and Hensley. He emphasized her deep love for her children and her dedication to being a hands-on mother.

“She’s raising beautiful babies,” Keith said. “She loves to sing, but she loves being a mother.”

Toby described Krystal’s busy life as a mother, where her daughters’ activities fill her days.

“They’re constantly doing something,” Keith continued. “When they’re asleep, they sleep on top of her. It’s like puppies around a dog. They just worship her and they’re so busy together, she keeps them so busy.”

While many fans are eager to hear new music from Krystal, it’s clear that her devotion to her family will always be her top priority. As she continues to embrace motherhood and all its joys and challenges, Krystal has found a new purpose that brings her happiness and fulfillment, even if it means stepping away from the music industry for now.

Watch Toby Keith and his daughter Krystal perform together during the 2004 CMA Awards below.