Who Attacked The Dutton Family On “Yellowstone”?

Yellowstone / Facebook

Season 3 of Yellowstone left us with many cliffhangers. As the final minutes approached, we saw Kayce Dutton come under fire at his office, Beth Dutton was sent a bomb at hers, and a gunmen came after John Dutton on the side of a road. All their lives were in jeopardy at the end of Season 3.

As we all know after watching the Season 4 premiere of Yellowstone, they all managed to survive somehow. After healing up from his gunshot wounds, Kevin Costner’s John Dutton returns home to figure out who attacked his family.

Even before the season started, we knew someone would be tracking down who orchestrated this attack based on the teasers. The one below, which was posted a couple weeks before the Season 4 premiere, said, “You know revenge is coming.”


Another promo’s tag line was “Every. Body. Pays.”

Kayce already took care of half the militia that took out the attacks on him and his family, but during Episode 2, his dad told him he wants them all dead. Episode 3, titled “All I See Is You,” begins with Kayce, Rip, and Lloyd taking care of the rest of the militia legally and otherwise.

Finally, John meets with Thomas Rainwater who has information about who ordered the hit on the Duttons. When John opens the file, he sees a prison record and mugshot and claims he does not know the man, which makes it all more confusing! The man has been in prison for years, so we do not know his beef with the Duttons.

John is then introduced to the man who orchestrated everything and got orders from the man in prison. He says he doesn’t know why the hit was ordered, he just gets the guys to do it, no questions asked. Already captured by Mo, Rainwater’s right hand man, the man is given to John to deal with however he chooses.

John takes him to the edge of Wyoming, where for the first time in the series, we see him do his own dirty work. He can’t bring himself to shoot him cold blood, so he offers the man a chance at a duel, giving him a gun that is quite difficult to shoot. To make things “even,” John takes his magazine out and throws it on the ground, insinuating that he will not load his gun until the man reaches for his. Ultimately, the man barely gets one shot off when John loads his gun and kills him with a few shots, sending him over the canyon.

While we still don’t technically know WHO ordered the hit on the Dutton family, it brings us one step closer to knowing WHY. We are sure all of our questions will be answered as the season continues.