White House Gives Latest Update On COVID-19: No Gatherings Over 10 People

FoxNashville / Twitter

On Monday afternoon (March 16), President Donald Trump addressed the country in a press briefing from The White House.

During the briefing, the president gave new guidelines that we should all follow for the next 15 days, which included – but is not limited to – the following:

  • Schooling from home when possible
  • No gatherings in groups of 10 or more people
  • No travel, unless necessary
  • Don’t eat at bars, restaurants, or food courts

Dr. Deborah Birx also spoke at the briefing and urged everyone to adhere to these guidelines.

“We’re appealing to all Americans to take these steps,” Dr. Birx said. “They will only work if every American takes this together to heart.”

Trump added that there has not been a decision regarding whether to implement domestic travel restrictions.

Fox News reports that Johns Hopkins University collected data that says that “as of Monday, there were over 179,000 confirmed cases, 7,000 deaths and 78,000 individuals who have recovered from COVID-19 worldwide.”

Watch the full briefing in the video below.