While Recovering From COVID-19, Rita Wilson Raps “Hip Hop Hooray” In Quarantine

Rita Wilson / Instagram

Actress and country singer Rita Wilson is currently on the mend after contracting and being diagnosed with COVID-19. She, and her husband Tom Hanks, were in Australia when they were tested.


They are in Australia so Hanks could start production on the upcoming Elvis Presley biopic, simply titled Elvis, where he will be portraying Presley’s manager Colonel Tom Parker. According to news.com.au, the pair “contracted the illness outside Australia and travelled to Queensland with the virus.”

On March 11, Hanks revealed to his 8.3 million Instagram followers that he and Wilson had tested positive for COVID-19.


They were treated at a local hospital and released when they were fever-free and well enough to finish their recovery quarantined at their home in Queensland.


While quarantined at home together, they have been passing the time by playing Gin Rummy and eating Vegemite toast. Turns out one can only win so many Gin Rummy games, seeing as Wilson has resorted to reading Orson Wells’ Ender’s Game and rapping the 1992 hit song “Hip Hop Hooray” by hip hop group Naughty By Nature.

The actress posted a video on Instagram of herself reading Ender’s Game with some hip hop music in the background. She looks a little confused, but then began to rap every single word of the song!

Wilson captioned the video, “Quarantine Stir Crazy…See it to believe it.”

He video has garnered so much attention that Naughty By Nature themselves caught wind of it and reposted the video! They said, “Wow!!! Super shout to @ritawilson for spittin’ those Classic Naughty bars during her Quarantine!! Wishing her and hubby @tomhanks a Speedy recovery!!! She has skills!!

Watch Wilson rap the song below.