“Wheel Of Fortune” Viewers Mad Contestant Was “Robbed” Of $100K

@Gord_Garrity / Twitter

On a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune, a college-aged contestant named Alexa found herself at the center of a heated debate over whether or not she had answered a question correctly in the allotted time to win $100,000.

Alexa was guessing a word puzzle and was managing to fill in most of the blanks, leaving just a few letters missing before there were 10 seconds left on the clock to solve the puzzle.

She started trying to guess and said a few things, however, soon the timer ran out and there was some confusion from viewers over whether or not she had answered the question and won the $100,000.

Some viewers claim that Alexa had guessed the answer, “Just Winging It,” when she gave her first answer. However, if you listen with headphones on, you can hear that she said, “Just Winning It,” which is an incorrect answer.

You could tell that Sajak felt bad for the contestant, wanting her to win and saying what he could to provide some emotional support. Even so, some viewers are convinced that they heard Alexa say, “Just Winging It,” Sajak cheated her, and she should be awarded the $100,000 grand prize.

“The girl definitely said just winging it and then lost 100k. Rewatch the tapes. Wish she should have spoken up!” another raged, according to NY Post.

“Lifelong watcher here!” another said. “Alexa got robbed tonight. Her first attempt was ‘Just winging it!’ I’ve rewatched it a dozen times – you guys goofed. Give her the $100K she rightly won!”

“Quit screwing your contestant,” another snarked.

Despite the disagreement, Wheel of Fortune has one of the most beloved hosts of all time in Pat Sajak. Known for his warm demeanor and wit, Sajak has been the face of the show for decades, entertaining audiences with his charm and humor.

Sajak has always remained a gentleman in every sense of the word. He has always been gracious to his contestants, engaging with them in a friendly manner and providing them with words of encouragement.

His professionalism and poise on the show are a testament to his good character, and it is this demeanor that has endeared him to millions of fans worldwide.

While the recent controversy surrounding Wheel of Fortune may have left some viewers feeling frustrated, it’s time for you to take a look at the video below and hear what was said with you’re own two ears and make your own judgment call.

Watch Footage Of The “Wheel of Fortune” Moment Below