Whataburger-Themed Gender Reveal Party Gets Retweeted By Thousands

@yzzibae / Twitter

Texas is the birthplace of the famous restaurant Whataburger and it was only fitting for a San Antonio couple to have a Whataburger-themed gender reveal party for their soon-to-be-born baby.

Izzy Castro and Daniel Castilleja released a Twitter post on February 8th revealing that the gender was a boy showing a room decked out with Whataburger decorations everywhere. From the plates, a flag, balloons to all the Whataburger spices and a baby outfit that said: “I’m so spicy, Whataburger.” 


Izzy said that she had been craving Whataburger’s burgers and fries since first getting pregnant 24 weeks ago. She talked about wanting one of their meals so much during her pregnancy that her mother suggested that they do a Whataburger-themed gender reveal party.

Neither Izzy or Daniel knew what the gender was going to be. They were either going to pull out and unwrap a black spicy ketchup onesie if it was a boy or they were going to pull out a red fancy ketchup onesie if it was going to be a girl.

“It’s a Texas thing, definitely,” Izzy told MySanAntonio. “That was another reason we did it because we wanted it to be unique and different from the typical pink or blue decorations some gender reveal parties have.”

They both were extremely pleased to see that it was a boy for they were both hoping it would be that. Especially Daniel who couldn’t hold his excitement in and started jumping up and down waving the onesie in his head. The baby is due in June and they plan to name him Ezekiel.

Whataburger Gender Reveal Video Below